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  1. Game is fully functional and fun at to me. I went ahead and rolled a witch to play till Shai comes out and surprisingly happy to have her as my main. BDO gameplay is fun and that's all I care about.
  2. I'm reading that Xbox already has Shai and not long after PC got it. I am really into support roles and lifeskilling and don't really want to play the other classes. You guys think PS4 will get Shai soon or is it like a year out kind of thing?
  3. This game is literally why I bought an x one x. I am so so very excited the forums are up. I was waiting for any morsel of information, video, or other signs of progress. *breakdances*
  4. I'm thinking tamer. I know I'm prob gonna get eaten alive but I remember when I was able to play I just had so much fun with it.
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