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  1. Will the xbox version be up to date as PC version?
  2. This will be the smartest thing they can do!. I hope they do it cause when Razer release the Xbox mouse and keyboard i will be getting it!. lol
  3. I think your character is shining like that cause you have bright hair and you probably shining as well cause i seen that you can shine your self like some lip gloss looking type lmfaooo
  4. Its gunna be fully wiped so yes im pretty sure you can use it again
  5. I feel the same. You basically took everything out my mouth. Like how you had negative and most positive thoughts bro. I believe that they gunna make changes and the over come will be great I cant wait for FULL release.
  6. BRUHHHH i haven't found noooo information about no carrying over....Can anyone find it?
  7. Some controls needs to be changed or worked on a little but the controls are not that bad. Feels like the PC version to me.
  8. When i did this cron castle i talked to the guy and it took me to the loading screen and dashboard me. when i loaded the game back up i was standing on the top of cron castle with a black mist, when i saw that i just summon the scoll and it worked. and it wasn't a boss for some odd reason or there must of been a lag but i guess it said i beat it lol.
  9. Idk about you but i received alot of slots in the mail in main menu
  10. I did ALOT of farming, so for this not to carry over will be upsetting lol
  11. Please let us know the game release! I love the game!
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