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  1. I have encountered an issue where the ogre and the npc's at the western guard camp on my main character doesn't show up when i'm up close,but when i move a bit back at a distance you can see the ogre and npcs glitching in an out any help would be appreciated.
  2. I put in 2 tickets last week but still waiting on a response as well as trying to get help in the official discord but feel like they are ignoring me in the discord as i can never get help from staff in their.
  3. I have seem to ran into this issue again since the full release of the game when going into the menu then backing out near an enemy,the controller seems to lose function of controlling the character when i do this in an combat zone haven't seen this happen in a boss fight yet but just enemies. Happened saturday and sunday when i played anyone else having this issue.
  4. Great work on the article,but would like to point out that with the development process they are under a nda and can only tell us certain things during the development process,until closer to the date that the game is released unless given consent to give this kind of information to us, so they are just as in the dark about the release date as we are even though they have a time frame in mind things happen during those time frame dates. To finish this off we just need to be patient as the game is getting bug fixes and new stuff added that needs internal testing before it goes out to the consumer, dates can be given but at any given moment that can change if something happens during their internal testing and that just delays it a little longer then anticipated.
  5. The game will release once they have worked out all the bugs and look through the feedback,this stuff takes a while to fix it's not a simple development process so the game will release when they feel like it's ready to be released for our enjoyment,would you want a release of a bdo with every bug that we found during the testing phase,also don't @ the staff and bug them with this kind of question,common courtesy goes along way,
  6. Still though a nda would infact prohibit the streaming of the game as well,so if we are being flagged for screenshots and clips,that would imply those who streamed should get the same treatment. I only know that the streamer i watched and personally talked with said he didn't receive and enforcement from it,he came to the conclusion that maybe screenshots weren't allowed because of nda but if a game is nda then i don't get why the streamers wouldn't be flagged. He was streaming on mixer which microsoft owns so that furthers my statement on the favoritism being shown to those who streamed it while the ones who don't stream just screenshot,and being told it's alright then wake up to a enforcement with no response or fix at all because of this.
  7. Doesn't make since that it would be a nda game as i know at least 1 streamer who hasn't been given,the enforcement email.
  8. It's fine i just won't screenshot ever again,and just hope the staff will reach out and rectify this.
  9. Yeah i see what you are talking about now 1 picture i took got flagged and taken down today,along with the email from enforcement
  10. Might be bad to upload photo's to one drive i would find another place to upload them to instead of onedrive.
  11. I am seeing this same issue temporary fix,is that we have to back out while using things in the game to stop this from happening.
  12. When auto running the character doesn't take into account npc,and bumps directly into them or in some cases runs through them need a way to have them take into account the surrounding area as well as when i come close to the objective depending on the location the character will run into a rock or object and i will have to cancel to get them on the correct path again. This is while out in the open world running.
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