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  1. Most games on pc have controller support, it’s only fair if it works the opposite to. You obviously know English so give up with the translator
  2. I say this quite often, there’s obviously a reason as to why we want the support on Xbox instead of switching to pc; It doesn’t bring much of an advantage especially when everyone can buy a $10 mouse and keyboard set. Pc was able to use controller so xbox should be able to use mouse and keyboard. People use scuff controllers but we don’t complain about that so you’ll live
  3. You listed a few people for not wanting it that either didn’t understand how it’d work or didn’t actually say „No MnK at all“. A few you mentioned would either accept it under certain conditions or just need to test it to see how they’d feel but again; you tried to use numbers that weren’t actually on a side. Read their comments next time
  4. You guys should probably use the other dudes poll, great source with votes of a staggering 200+ which aren’t enough. If you go by people you know then I’d win in that alone. Next.
  5. Except that even someone as poor as I am can easily gather $10 for a MnK. On this game, doesn’t even give an advantage. It’s not COD or Siege, it’s an MMO that you don’t even need to aim in; only thing it wouldn’t be allowed in is tournaments or something of that sort
  6. Hard it take you seriously when the only source you go by is a small poll that is unknown and doesn’t even have enough votes to count towards being a „majority“. Again, I made this post as a suggestion. So far, most people are on board which already proves you wrong. You don’t need to throw a fit and cry about something as simple as this that wouldn’t even provide an advantage in the game
  7. Except an mmo like this doesn’t give an advantage, Xbox has already let quite a bit of people try the support and as long as they don’t put it in a competitive/tournament scene then it’s fine. The precision on this game means nothing, in the beta, you didn’t even have to aim to hit your target due to the assist.
  8. Your link is invalid as it’s not an official poll or statistics by Microsoft/Xbox and has only around a couple hundred Votes. There’s a reason as to why it’s being suggested for Xbox. Anyone, even being poor would be able to use it.
  9. Most definitely wouldn’t kill it given anyone could easily just plug one in, controller was great on it but for an mmo; mouse and keyboard just feels better for most of us. Obviously don’t allow mouse and keyboard in tournaments if they go for stuff like that.
  10. Except, most do? The only thing anyone is worried about is being able to choose between who they play against but that depends on game. It’s obviously not unwanted given some are agreeing with it on these forums along with plenty outside of it. MnK wouldn’t have any negativeeffects with support given anyone would be able to pay $10 for a good set and use it. You should probably be well versed on the subject before giving „friendly suggestions“.
  11. Except it’s not their, as my title states; this is for Xbox so no. Pc version is on pc, but it’s clearly been stated that we are asking for this on Xbox given Xbox now has mouse & keyboard support.
  12. Im assuming you mean well but that’s a slow thing to say, obviously I’m on Xbox for a reason which is why I made this post in suggestions for Xbox. I pointed that out right in the title.
  13. Although Xbox doesn’t have it yet, they’re in the making of adding mouse and keyboard support in which a great number of people are able to test out in the insider program. It’d be nice if a little later after release or so if you could add mouse and keyboard support for Black Desert on Xbox.
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