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  1. shenobi94

    Where is Australia??

    Come on guys you said it was in "classification" for a long time now. Games been out for awhile now and still nothing??
  2. shenobi94

    Is BDO coming to Australian Store

    Yeah, I'm playing on US version but buying gift cards for pearls is not effective at all and annoying.
  3. shenobi94

    Community Subreddit - /r/PlayBlackDesert

    Awesome, subbed :)!
  4. shenobi94

    Forced Update = Complete Reinstall

    It was a fix for the camera issue, but the update bugged and instead of 200mb it is a full reinstall. this is from CM Simon
  5. shenobi94

    A Worry Resolved quest

    same issue
  6. For the quest "The escape from Cron castle" you need to hand in a pre quest to Beetle, who then offers this quest, if you back out before you accept the next quest he disappears and the quest auto path takes you to him but his not there anymore