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  1. For the love of god turn it off now. It was weeks ago..its getting so annoying
  2. That's my point bud, playing bdo becomes a shade of gray.. As I said I still play but not obsessively and only when I'm in the mood, I'll often spend a week or two on other games and come back to bdo when I'm ready. The endgame in bdo has always been the same, being able to beat people in pvp for the best grind spots tou can or best passive income from nodes ect. All the gear and grinding is just a means to that end. The point i was trying to make is you can achieve a decent pvp level by playing constantly for a shorter period or sporadically over a longer period, almost everyone starts out going hammer and tongs to get high fast, most burn out and quit, the ones who realise you can play casually after a point t and still be competitive with 80% of other players are the ones that in my opinion get the most fun from bdo. The top 1 or 2 % of players work like a dog to stay there and ...it doesn't last , the meta will change and screw you. Also there is always something to worm on if you want to.. always another life skill to learn and get good with, or a new item to work on upgrading or aspect of the game to help new players with. If there are people out there with full pen gear that are gurus in every lifeskill and a to of money left fair play but I haven't met them. You asked what keeps me going I enjoy getting better slowly, actually trying all the different **** to do, not just what makes the most money or levels me fastest. Also in time some of the people who have got bored and left may well come back when new content drops.. but at that point will be well behind the turtles that have kept inching the gear score forward.
  3. These posts make me chuckle.. all very black and white... you play bdo or you dont. I still play bdo. I also play other games. I realise to be in the top guilds or the top teir pvp you need to be on every hour of every day... but that's soul destroying. I grind when I feel like it, I lifeskill when I'm in the mood, I afk stuff if im not playing anything else for a break. If you stop trying to be the top 1 or 2 % of players and realise you'll surpass most players by casual play over a year or 2 than constant 24 hr grinding over 6 months then burn out and never play again lol Its bdo what's the rush.
  4. I wouldn't say musa is simple or beginner friendly.. in pve musa is a very fast clearer and with the dash can zip between mobs with ease , but in pvp you need to be far more tactical, switching between pre awakened and awakened and knowing when to zip in and out as musa is quite squishy. Haven't used a striker but from what I know they are far easier to master for pvp but less efficient in pve. And as rocket said you gonna be spending 1000+ hours with a class, pick one you enjoy playing over the meta which changes.
  5. Enjoy... come back with caphras stones
  6. For the love of god please add these in next update.. We have been waiting FAR TO LONG. Many thanks
  7. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.xcloud This is the app you need fyi
  8. Just for anyone that's interested, I've started using the xbox game streaming app to stream to my phone while at work to refresh afk processing and fishing and it works great. Doesn't seem to data heavy atm and reasonably playable, tho I wouldn't wanna farm to test it atm. Think if your part of the preview program anyone can set it up, although it's not quite the same as xcloud it works well enough for life skilling on the go
  9. Yeah I play on the one s and seems to be running much smoother. Caphras stones when?
  10. That sucks was hoping it would be at least daily. Seems hardly worth doing the boss just for the other crap she drops
  11. So yesterday I picked up the quest from ?glenda the white witch (or whatever her name is) and did the boss and handed in the broach thing..all good. Tried again today but glenda has no quest for me? Was that a 1 off as I did he boss and got another broach but cant see the quest to match it with?
  12. I think you may be fighting players the are far superior in gear skill points and knowledge based on your post. Working on getting tou level and gear score up before fighting players.. this game is not balanced in a way fights are fair.. you need to pick your battles and fight in your weight (gear score) class
  13. We need these stones in soon, the RNG for upgrading to tet is horrible so another route through grinding would be much preferable.
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