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  1. Elder Cog

    Delay leaving inventory

    Hi guys, a annoying issue I'm having is if you bring up the inventory in a combat area to use an item, I'm coming under attack from a mob, but when I'm exiting the inventory to deal with the mob my character is stuck and unresponsive for 30 -60 seconds.. this has caused me to die 3 times so far as you can't block evade or use any weapons or move . This issue isn't to big of an issue at low level areas but in some of the more intense grind spots the mobs hit quite hard and can do quite a vit of damage in a minuite
  2. Elder Cog

    Road map

    Any idea when the roadmap will be shown? There has been a real drought of new info the last few weeks you would imagine this close to launch the info would be coming as a steady stream. Also a lot more info on events rewards and how the final beta is laid out would be cool
  3. Elder Cog

    BDX File Size is 32.74GB on Xbox One X (as of now)

    If there is a separate client I can't find it in the store yet..although I'm looking in a mobile and it doesn't always show everything
  4. Elder Cog

    BDX File Size is 32.74GB on Xbox One X (as of now)

    This is now bull crap?
  5. Elder Cog


    A level cap will just give more people chance to compete at a top level before they take the brakes off...the people moaning are the ones that will play 24/7 with a veiw to getting in front of normal people who have lives and jobs to make them look like noobs in pvp.
  6. Elder Cog

    Will the ultimate edition be enough?

    It will be enough for a few monthsbut these type of games you will need to put more in as it goes along most likely
  7. Elder Cog

    Start date is 1/3/2019

    Yes the ultimate pack is worth it unless you plat on only playing causally
  8. Elder Cog

    Disappointed but not surprised

    You won't have access 28th of Feb ..you have misunderstood the early access..early access starts on the 1st for ultimate pack 2nd for the dulux and on the 3rd for standard, with official launch on the 4th.
  9. Elder Cog

    Start date is 1/3/2019

    It blows we have another almost 2 month wait for the game though.. it seemed it wasn't that far off in the beta. Good price though I was expecting a lot more
  10. Elder Cog

    Start date is 1/3/2019

    Same ...bought
  11. Elder Cog


    I have discord and have applied, thanks fornthe welcome
  12. Elder Cog


    I'm interested ... eu player, only played the beta but nice played a lot of mmos .
  13. Elder Cog

    Pay to win!!!!

    I think investing money in the game is optional but does give a huge quality of life increase.. you can as you say play without paying (except for the base game) but it will be hard going, but most of us are going into this knowing things like value packs costumes and pets will cost real money. Personally I'm happy spending £20-50 on a game I play a lot each month.. I either do that or buy a new game each month ...it's my treat to myself for working, I've done the same with many other games like ESO warframe and neverwinter. I only really have an issue with paying when company's try to do it in a stealthy or sly way, I have no problem paying for a quality product that I enjoy using.
  14. Elder Cog

    Stackable boss scrolls

    I'm hoping all the quality of life stuff will be in the initial build, I know the content and other classes will be gated but no reason not to include the quality of life updates right off the bat
  15. Elder Cog

    2 days

    The question I want answered is what time Monday will they announce .. will save me checking my phone every 5 mins on monday