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  1. That sucks was hoping it would be at least daily. Seems hardly worth doing the boss just for the other crap she drops
  2. So yesterday I picked up the quest from ?glenda the white witch (or whatever her name is) and did the boss and handed in the broach thing..all good. Tried again today but glenda has no quest for me? Was that a 1 off as I did he boss and got another broach but cant see the quest to match it with?
  3. I think you may be fighting players the are far superior in gear skill points and knowledge based on your post. Working on getting tou level and gear score up before fighting players.. this game is not balanced in a way fights are fair.. you need to pick your battles and fight in your weight (gear score) class
  4. We need these stones in soon, the RNG for upgrading to tet is horrible so another route through grinding would be much preferable.
  5. Pre awakened.. gale rising storm and divider and dragons claw Post awakened.. fiery angel, cross cut, below the belt and crust crusher
  6. Bump. Still need more active players
  7. Yawn ..more deathcherub drivel about pvp. Enjoy the game, all of it.
  8. Would love to see this cross platform..bigger player base is only ever a plus to the players and tbh I think cross platform between Sony and microsoft is their way forward if they want to compete with stadia when it launches
  9. Please implement a single button press to collect the money from all sold items on the CM, no point to collecting each one individually..also a bug puts you back at the top of a very long list after each item. I realise this is a small issue, but would be a nice quality of life improvement
  10. Very relaxed guild able to help you but let you do your own thing at the same time
  11. Just wanted to publicly say congratz to alpha in the EU winning their war and GG to wildhunt. Was a really great fight from my point of view...which was often dead. Anyone that didn't get a crack at seige wars can't recommend them enough and if people are looking for guilds to actively participate in the big battles... the symphony and the above would be good shouts 😎
  12. Never said you did swear, also good luck with the war.. I hope to be murdering your toons very soon 😎
  13. Too open to abuse .. bigger guilds would equip their new players better than people who have worked their ass off for the gear. And just for perspective ..I'm in a fairly big guild so it would benefit me and my guildies.. but small guilds would become irrelevant fast
  14. The game is pvp.. all the pve and life skills are building blocks for pvp.. If you don't enjoy it that's fair enough but the game is set that if I'm harming an area and find you farming there too stealing the mobs we gonna have a fight for the resources. If you win gg, if not switch servers or find a empty spot
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