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  1. Bump. Still need more active players
  2. Yawn ..more deathcherub drivel about pvp. Enjoy the game, all of it.
  3. Would love to see this cross platform..bigger player base is only ever a plus to the players and tbh I think cross platform between Sony and microsoft is their way forward if they want to compete with stadia when it launches
  4. Please implement a single button press to collect the money from all sold items on the CM, no point to collecting each one individually..also a bug puts you back at the top of a very long list after each item. I realise this is a small issue, but would be a nice quality of life improvement
  5. Very relaxed guild able to help you but let you do your own thing at the same time
  6. Just wanted to publicly say congratz to alpha in the EU winning their war and GG to wildhunt. Was a really great fight from my point of view...which was often dead. Anyone that didn't get a crack at seige wars can't recommend them enough and if people are looking for guilds to actively participate in the big battles... the symphony and the above would be good shouts 😎
  7. Never said you did swear, also good luck with the war.. I hope to be murdering your toons very soon 😎
  8. Too open to abuse .. bigger guilds would equip their new players better than people who have worked their ass off for the gear. And just for perspective ..I'm in a fairly big guild so it would benefit me and my guildies.. but small guilds would become irrelevant fast
  9. The game is pvp.. all the pve and life skills are building blocks for pvp.. If you don't enjoy it that's fair enough but the game is set that if I'm harming an area and find you farming there too stealing the mobs we gonna have a fight for the resources. If you win gg, if not switch servers or find a empty spot
  10. I would actually say I've been killed by wild hunt a couple of times and they haven't been asshats in chat as far as I've seen. So well done you 😎
  11. Avenge who? And for what? Are you defending symphony..cos I'm pretty sure we are at war with you guys... or are you gonna avenge the troll..in which case good luck lol
  12. Really.. that's irritating. Never seen it happen before. Log a ticket I guess and hope the devs dig you out. Hope your not stuck to long 😔
  13. Use the escape option in the start menu bud
  14. Were you not happy with the whole thread pointing out your talking nonsense.. a 1 day old account created by a bitter beta rock player who can't handle having lost a few times. Grow up. I've fought people from loads of guilds .some I win some I lose, never do I talk smack and never to I endlessly whine on the forums about it Also reporting this as I find you and your slander offensive.
  15. Congratz but eventually someone will beat you. It's a when not an if, but if you win as much as you claim great for you 😆
  16. There seem to be a lot of new players atm or people complaining about aspects of the game...so I'm gonna share some observations that may help. 1- the game is still pretty new to xbox, stuff is bugged and the community is finding new bugs all the time, just submit a ticket and stick with it- whining the game is unfair or slagging of the devs is petulant. 2- their are some big egos in bdo.. some talk smack some will belittle you and generally be unkind.. it's a game that is competitive, ignore them or learn from your mistakes, while it would be great if every one were nice and respectful that isn't the world we live in, especially when your effectively anonymous. 3- pvp will happen, you will die. Unless you remain under level 50 someone is gonna kill you at some point..some will kill you for what seems to be no reason (normally you are intruding on a grind spot) some will kill you because of the guild your in and some will kill you just for fun or to set out a rotation. Don't get mad. Fight win lose or draw have fun. Don't hold grudges and learn from each fight what you did right or wrong. Also 90% of fights wont be fair..most people wont start a fight unless they think they can win. 4- life Skilling and pve are great goals in bdo, but by ignoring any aspect of bdo you are missing a big and often fun part of the game.. focus on what ever you enjoy but try not to limit yourself by defining yourself as a pure anything. This includes pvp.. without grinding and life skills you can't keep up with the upgrades. 5- a lower level alt is the only way to safely gather and life skill with no risk of being pk'ed. But a bit of risk adds to the spice for many people 6- a good guild and group to play with can make a HUGE difference to the fun you have and even your safety, people are a lot less likely to randomly attack a group of 3 or 4 people grinding or gathering than a solo player. Being social is a huge help. 7- if your finding the game is to grindy or your not making progress as youd like.. do something else for a bit. The game will be going for years unless you are trying to burn out or compete in the top 5 % on pvp.. mix things up keep it fresh and do what's fun. 8- there is no best class..all have strong and weak points, learning to exploit those points is what takes practice.
  17. Elder Cog


    Not weird at all that taylotburton's account was created Friday...definitely not an account just to troll 😐
  18. I'd love to see some of this proof? I'm in symphony and have never trash talked to anyone... I have been part of a few big fights with alpha and beta rock around the tariff main gate but as I recall beta were the ones hiding in the safe zone the rushing us when they were ready. As for in fighting? Here has only been 1 incident I know of where a member hasn't felt they were treated right and left, but for the majority we all get on pretty well with very few egos.. so no I don't think that's gonna break us. If you feel that strongly that some of our members have been out of order have you messaged any of the guild officers or just jumped straight to asking the gms to ban the guild, cos if I'm honest that seems like a over reaction to getting wupped 🤔
  19. To keep people away from your grind spot..if people start killing mobs around you you will grind slower. So kill them and grind at full speed
  20. Yes left trigger and right on the d pad once you over 50 and have done the mission that unlocks pvp using a clear memory crystal (think that's what it was called) from black spirit
  21. Elder Cog

    PVP is bugged

    Ieft rigger and rt on dpad flags you for pvp.
  22. For some reason the game sets the master volume to 0 after this quest, go into settings from the menu in game, audio settings and set master volume back to 100
  23. Go to hexe or calpheon shrine..plenty of pvp lol
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