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  1. Im pretty sure the skill ‘Meteor shower’ is bugged for Wizard. The skill itself works fine it’s just the black spirit rage variation. Whenever i have full black spirit rage and use it it doesn’t do anything different and it doesn’t consume my black spirit rage like the skill ‘Lightning’ does.
  2. Everytime after completing a game of red battlefield the app closes and im forced to restart.
  3. I’ve looked all over Heidel and cant find it hellp!?!
  4. I mean everybody has their opinions but artisans memory and caphra stones are pretty pay to win to me because it makes progression alot faster and alot more easier and less of a grind. So players that spend money on these items will have an advantage over someone who doesn’t at the same amount of time spent in the game between the two.
  5. I understand that this game is pay to win for the current pc version. I was wondering, at launch would we see a different version for the consoles or the same pay to win elements? And if not would it be possible to play private servers?
  6. Does anybody know if the marketplace is working during the beta? I trued to use it in Velia but there’s no option to do so. It’s just a quest which I already completed and an option to buy an option to buy a house which I already purchased.
  7. I have this same issue. Been stuck on it for a day now. So annoying. I tried to forfeit the quest and reaccept but it still doesn’t work. I dont even have the option to forfeit the quest anymore.
  8. Thanks. I dont want to just skip it because i want to do the story only because i dont know what else to do. If anyone knows please help.
  9. So for the quest, ‘A Memorial for the Fallen,’ it says to use an item in order to complete the quest. While doing this something weird happened and i did this part of the quest but the item was consumed and it didn’t allow me to complete the quest. It says,” If you happen to lose the item you can get it back from Eileen outside of Cron Castle.” (Which is where this quest takes place) The only Eileen I know is Eileen in Velia which isn’t too far from Cron Castle, but when i go there there’s no option to get the item again. Am i going to the wrong location or does this just need to be fixed? Someone please help.
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