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  1. You do nothing but complain and attack people. Do you even play the game?
  2. Sorc ....ewww This guy above has it right
  3. Tbh ... wouldn't be surprised if this forum gets shut down once we catch up to pc. I think thats where lots of people go. Or at least the previous pc players
  4. My apologies and didn't mean to confuse. Theres no quantitive way to measure any of those. I just meant bdo is bad, but highly doubt its worse than those combined. Anecdotally ... LoL is the worse I've seen. Even bdo pc is worse than xbox bdo, that I've seen. Just making a statement that xbox bdo is the worst is very inaccurate. Future reference I agree with you. I know you and I have had conversation in multiple threads. I troll here and in game sometimes, but honestly don't like the filth that people say. I just handle it differently and just ignore what people say or block without saying much. If i say anything, its usually to say stop being a neckbeard or troll and quit the garbage. I do enjoy our conversations and...very different points of view lol.
  5. I believe theres a path to the right of the bandit gates. People have mentioned it but I've never taken it. Maybe try that out
  6. I said its just as bad and not worse than all those combined. All those games have toxic communities. Bdo is far from the worst...especially on xbox
  7. Hey thats me! Lol im joking. It is not worse than those smfh. People get more hurt these days over words and think its worse.
  8. My guess is it's normal chance has been nerfed. Sure they're in there and possible, but they probably dropped it to .01 or some garbage. Keep that carrot in front of you to keep buying mount breeding items. I wouldn't even waste the money right now tbh. Like most things ... if you can hold back the urge to get absolute best for a couple months it'll be massively cheaper in future.
  9. Why get blocked? Or you mean to root them out lol?
  10. Makes me think the food isn't stacking with hot time either
  11. Can you explain "breeding rate"? I see 8, 9, and 10 ... what's that mean ?
  12. Because it allows people that dont spend real money to get items. Kind of a win win tbh
  13. The basic reason why ... to have to use an item that costs silver to replenish it. Another silver sink is all
  14. Just buy the weapons at altinova until you get kzarka and kutum/nouver. Black abyssal if you want too. Decent temporary options.
  15. My lahn is my boss shredding machine. Sure kinda squishy, but shes fast as hell for evades. I can't remember the last time i haven't been in top dps. I've got probably 10 kzarka boxes and few kutums now. I like her a lot.
  16. I was thinking the opposite lol. I thought it be cool if every player jumped on shai and swarmed in one area lol. Attack of the vertically challenged
  17. The krea sub weapon has a ton more dp than kutum i noticed. Which tbh the bonus to creatures probably not a big thing for her. Shes not going to be big ap pvp killing machine or your boss grinding character. Unless something scales ... Figured id point that out
  18. I was an idiot and blinding knocked out a quest (shark one) and didn't realize it was "pick one". So glad it was shark lol. Little shai is darn cute wearing that thing
  19. Imo rednose is not min/max bis gear, but still really nice for boist to dp and the entire set bonus. Then you can work on a dim until its enhanced and easily swap. Rednose are darn cheap atm
  20. Hulkksmash


    I think awakening will fix the feeling of emptiness. Once shes a bard i have a feeling you'll be strumming on her the entire fight. Im excited to see how she plays
  21. If she does ... it'll be full coverage version and not what classes have now.
  22. Agree with this 100%. They are years ahead compared to console. I think its fair.
  23. Yup, that's what I'm talking about. Just give us accurate percentages for all enhancement. Another example is Asula accessories and people saying they naturally have higher success rates than what they say. Just a bunch of incorrect information while enhancing.
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