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  1. Its working as intended, but theres another factor in there. The situation i described has happened to guildmates and myself more times than i can count.Theres something else factoring into enhancements and high end gear. Ive seen videos of 100% chance fail. They need to show actual... it isnt atm
  2. My favorite is fs'ing and dinging +15 like six times in a row at 2%, but I'll fail DUO eight times in a row at 35%+. Yea yea rng ... my point is the percentages are a farce. They don't mean what they say.
  3. Tbh ...I was surprised kutum never shot up to the 250 mark. It's always stayed around 100. Anyone know why? Is it because in the end and grand scheme of things its not as in demand as nouver?
  4. I've been having issues since last patch as well. Kzarka is a mess again and so laggy. The red cone of damage doesn't match his orientation. Laggy in many spots.
  5. So someone takes your spot and YOU have to hop??!! Yeah, screw that. You attack him and he goes and finds a different place. That was my point. You pve pushers are selfish and want to take stuff with no consequences.
  6. Because it takes away the fear of an open world game and being out in it. Getting guilds that have wars over ganks, defending grind spots, taking care of people that try and steal your grind spot is a huge part of the game. So you want to go grind where nobody can attack anybody? People will just come up and take your spot. What happens? You rush to kill as many as you can and takes you three times longer than if you got ganked and just changed a server. You carebears need to just accept its not this always get ganked world. Yes, i used carebears because that describes perfectly. You want safe little place to do what you want regardless of everyone around you. You guys are usually the ones that have a gank coming. Pvp is there to put you guys in place. Look around a grind spot, check a free server, ask to group. You've probably never done a single one and cry about getting killed. Smfh ...
  7. I had a DUO dim tree on preorder and every few hours i would check it. Damn thing was jumping every time. went from 220 to 384 in a day. Very frustrating
  8. One X without 4k and you'll see night and day difference. So glad i bought mine.
  9. Sell now while prices are high. The market will be flooded down the road and a kzarka will be 60mill. If you're having trouble upgrading anyway ...
  10. Not much a fan of the analogy, but agree it sucks. You can failstack and hit +15 six times in a row at 2%, but fail DUO at 40% six times in a row. The percentage is a lie up to a certain point. I wish they would just make that actual and not some hidden garbage. Showing my 50 stack is max at a certain level would be great and not just a "rumored" stack size cap.
  11. Can i make my Shai dirty like that little beast lol? Just a grubby little badas/s
  12. Wanted this for while now. Have lots crafted armors that I'm waitimg to convert
  13. Pvp server ... what is that? Or you mean pve/carebear ?
  14. Gimme frwsh new nublets to kill..... mmmmm Level 50's...YES PLEASE!
  15. It's the point that BDO has been out for years and always a pvp heavy game. It's a fundamental aspect of the game. People come here and complain like it's something just implemented and needs to be removed. Xbox is different and has some differences, but taking a pillar of the game and changing it drastical won't happen. Everything is tied to pvp... like everything. Time frames, drop rates, pricing, etc. has been all adjusted around pvp.
  16. FYI...if they release PVE servers the drops are nerfed hard. Dying once ever so often or nerfed drops... Quit crying ffs. You guys act like you are hazed and camped everytime you leave a safe zone. Babies
  17. It's threads like this that make me want to go pk everyone i see. I get sick of people crying about pvp. The game has been out for years on PC. If you didn't know what BDO was before you got in it... shame on you. It's always been PVP game. The community has turned into a bunch of whiners with everything. Let me guess "but its affecting my experience wahhh" ... tough. It's PVP always on out in the wild and it'll never change. So deal with it. Xbox is ezmode version compared to PC when it comes to PVP. I'm sorry but I get sick of these handful of carebears wanting some ezmode put in to make a safe space for them.
  18. Sounds like a page out of liberal agenda. Scream how people will/are thinking obscene things .... when in reality its you thinking that dirty crap. Everyone else is excited to play Shai and ride a donkey. Ffs you need help if you think about dirty crap to 8 year olds.
  19. More money means buy and enhance the best gear. Generally the ones with most money are the best geared.
  20. I think trade is what everyone takes ...
  21. I think its the point that the empty missing texture spots are hideous. Has nothing to do what it means and rather its messing with the look of outfits.
  22. Most likely the amount you'd have to spend is a lot higher than if you just bought one off the CM. It just gives you the chance to play the rng game and potentially win cheaper. Getting anything good would probably require ... on average id say 80-100 mill. Just doesn't make sense to give the stuff away cheaper or even same price.
  23. Was 4k fixed? Its been buggy for long time.
  24. Wasn't it advertised as a One X game? I highly doubt it tbh
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