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  1. Let guilds invite whoever they want. I'm too old for some of the younger guilds... and I'm ok with that. I like gamong with people around my age and why i like my guild. The young ones that have joined end up doing dumb crap or flaky and quit
  2. There's so many cheaters when it comes to gaming. You know people would claim accident on PEN constantly. Was this stupid.... yes, but if its zero reversal problem then theres no gray area. Would create a big problem leaving it up to some PA employees discretion.
  3. If i go on my lahn i get top dps loot. If i go on my witch i get hunter seal...I'm garbage and don't get anything but hunter seal. I dont do witch rotation well in pve and its my node war class. I dont care tbh. My point is that damage plays huge part into it.
  4. Yes, its endgame gear but takes so much work to get just one endgame piece. Plus being AP it gets people to the new areas to grind for other stuff easier. Sure theres liverto, but why waste money on that lol.
  5. Tbh ....who tunes in to any games dev streams to watch top tier gamers?? Most of us experienced players know what the classes can do already. Why hate on them
  6. I want my zerker in jester outfit jumping on top people lol.
  7. He just says it like theres dozens with 250+. i consistently see the better geared players get loot every kzarka. Just doesnt add up i say. Could be broke ... but i just got my fourth kzarka yesterday.
  8. I call bs to this. Guild and i have done Kzark so many times and worked as intended. 250+ ap guys ??... pics or didnt happen, sorry.
  9. Anyone know if tailoring coupon is coming in the update next week? if not... then any ideas?
  10. Sucks not getting that hunter seal
  11. Its like names "bigTETS" or "show me you TETS". Really ... you guys are complaing about this stuff now. I know i know !!@@??!1 Lets change every guild name to Rainbow Warriors1, 2, 3, ....etc. Then lets change every player name to Carebear1, 2, 3 ....etc. I call Carebear4681209 Will that offend you next? I'm sorry, but you guys need a sense of f'ing humor. Complaing about names that don't have swear words, not racial, not even targeting anyone, and made for comedy is ridiculous.
  12. Jumped on last night to see a new window that had rewards and big, what looked like, buttons saying DONE. Couldn't click anything and had to hit A to get it off my screen. it was behind my attendance reward window and seperate from that. Appeared to be challenges... What was it ... because it had lots of good stuff as rewards. Couldn't find where to open it up again.
  13. Yup, exactly. People were stocking tons of materials before melting came along. Next day they'd sell for 4-5x what they paid. I'm talking like 400 shards getting dumped in CM. Good for the person, but PA kinda doesn't like that stuff.
  14. Gimme my flying mount already !!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  15. Breed those suckers! pop out those babies 😂
  16. Should have had latents in since day one. Sure there would be huge influx after a certain amount of time, but it would come in cycles. Most people want more kzarkas for other characters. Once more people have them it would increase artisan sales and use of black stones/conc stones. Seems like no brainer to have latent in there to distribute more of the items people spend real money on.
  17. Haha i posted about big drummies the other day Give us those thicc characters darnit !
  18. Its PEN roulette for me. Can't run with big dogs then stay on porch... as they say. II'm either gonna get a PEN or im full PRI. 😂😂
  19. Me and my guild are saying the same thing. Things seem off after last update. Drop rates and enhancements are horrendous now. Many in my guild can't even get duo on one item when they've had full TRI for weeks. We know how to fs and it's nearing the point of statistically impossible to fail at those percentages that many times. But you'll get people "thats rng for ya". Yeah yeah i know, but this seems off.
  20. This is EXACTLY why people leave. The majority of players will not/ cannot do this. They really need to streamline TRI - PEN. Comes back to that dilemma... you want 1 person spending $20k or 10,000 people spending $30. Right now the game is tuned for whales. Shouldn't be when they are gonna buy the stuff anyway. Almost like they think the other 99% are just holding out with their thousands lol. Fyi, I spend money on this game, but not thousands that's for sure.
  21. This. Basically if you disagree with someone and say they are being stupid ....YOU'RE TOXIC! smh
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