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  1. I was being sarcastic ... I'm joking. It's about thicc thighs lol ?! Smh
  2. You do nothing but complain about this game. Why do you even play or post here? Honest question ... You seem triggered and upset about mostly everything this game has to offer.
  3. When are you guys going to fix the thiccness of the rest of the females and bring them up to the level of DK? This is a serious issue and I know it's top on most peoples list. I hear it all the time in my guild and in chat. Give us those large drummies already ...
  4. If you don't have tons silver stocked up id say wait to even attempt TET. It could set you back big time
  5. Exactly. Sell the stuff your workers bring in. They'll find all those materials would get them a ton of silver. Don't hoard the stuff for some crafting item you think will come along. Unless you're deadset on boats or something ... sell the stuff. Especially if you are worried about gs and all that. Side note: process a lot of the items to get level up your processing as well. Many items sell better once processed too.
  6. I love the potatoe heads arguing over my "99% comment". Don't take that statement literal ... it was meant to say the overwhelming majority of items are in CM. I'm surprised someone didn't actually crunch the numbers "well...ummm...technically speaking. If you factor in the loyalty rewards, being a full moon, and me being a straight git gud nub. It's 93.7888 (repeating of course) % of items in CM. So sir, you can clear you see you are wrong and I'M right. Durrrrrrrrr"
  7. Wahhhh ... Play more and you get better gear. Learn to failstack and maximize lifeskills. Pretty simple.
  8. Thats the face of an undefeated god
  9. Don't hate the player, hate the game Lol sorry had too
  10. I know this is selfish, but I don't want to be held up so more people get ready and catch up. BDO isn't like WoW and doesn't stop progress or wipe out the previous version for the new expansion. Just my 2 cents
  11. Exactly. It's usually people that steal rotations that get killed. I go into an area and check before I grind a spot. Usually run through the area and see where people aren't. If I see somoeone not really doing anything in a locatio. ... I take it. (Wait to see if they come through the area after certain time)I'm fully ready to accept retaliation, but I'm geared and could handle myself. If they are better then I don't come back or server hop The majority ... yes, the majority are pretty nice people and won't mess with you. You get killed oh well move along. Change server and repeat.
  12. Level witch/wiz for field bosses. Helps a lot with deaths being range.
  13. Can there be stats for killing afk lifeskillers??? Wagon kills Weight kills Fisher kills Etc. I kid lol... i dont kill afkers.
  14. Y just let you set the amount. Once you select 50k then select the worker with X. You can hit repeat all and accomplish the same thing. The work just needs to complete that initial job.
  15. It looks like a clear case that the CM's do not have the power to ban people in game. They are probably just supposed to interact with people and jump on everso often. Does it suck ... yes. Do they seem to have ssomething in the works to fix chat...seems so.
  16. I vote hell no. Like the issues people said above. Bad news and be massive disadvantage in so many ways.
  17. Wow you guys have nothing better to do.... I'm done wasting my time. I'll just keep reporting your stupid name and shame posts and report them as spam. Good day hovering the forums for hurtful words as well. Smfh
  18. I sure triggered you two LOL My point of always complaing about SOMETHING stands and your reactions/comments prove that. Look throughmy posts lol. What kind of losers are you?! Hoping to catch me on something and get me banned? Just because i called you guys out for being over the top ridiculous. Most my posts are telling potatoe heads like you to move on AND helping people with real questions about the game.
  19. Just get sick of going to forums to read actual posts/info... and see same few people crying about words and name and shaming people. Report them and move on. Quit cluttering the forums withthis garbage that gets removed/stripped from mods anyway.
  20. Cute story bruh ... smfh. If every one of them was gone you'd still be on here complaining about something else offending you. Its the same half dozen of you constantly complaining on here.
  21. Please reply to every post i made lol. I must have triggered someone. Awwwee cute
  22. Speak your mind all you want. Please report them. Thats exactly what YOU should do. But creating threads and throwing but/thurt fits in chat is exactly what they want. Dont feed the troll ... Man i hope youve heard that before. What happens in class when the loudmouth doesnt get the laughs after teasing someone??? Anyone ....anyone... He stops
  23. Smh youre missing my point. Ffs you guys worry so much about words. You spend more time complaining than playing. If you played you probably wouldnt be screening chat for offensive words.
  24. When will you leople learn to enter a ticket with PA and move on. You guys keep name and shaming and getting your crying deleted or removed. The carebear/snowflake generation just cant ignore something. Who cares ffs and play the game. Its words... Im sure ill get flamed for even saying this cuz i triggered someone
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