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  1. This Fs is about all its good for.
  2. 100% agree with this! Would help so much
  3. People spend so much time trying to police others. Are there sh/itbags out there... yes. Should we just ignore the garbage... yes. Making topics and showing butthurt in chat keeps it going. They are idiot kids saying trigger words to ... trigger people. I get more upset about the handful of people CONSTANTLY complaining about words that hurt them. Blow it off fCs
  4. You mean the ones in your profile and RB all the way over too?
  5. You guys will find anything to complain about lol. The pricing wouldn't bevthere if it wasn't supposed to be used. Wahhh
  6. Didn't they mention they would do something to balance for the time being?
  7. Noghtingale is doing worse tbh. Throwing a stink over certain thing is calling out secrets more than just ignoring it. Lol Chill bro
  8. Can we just close these stupid troll threads?
  9. Very much this. Grab a wizard and do this.
  10. Use yuria and skip i say. Put that silver towards kzarka... you'll need it.
  11. No defense here ... i f'ing hate it. Primarily the reason i quit pc. Blowing stuff up for a month straight got to me.
  12. Totalmy forgot about Y during combat. Good point
  13. With the current rumors "awakening in next update!" (Which i do not believe). Does anyone know how we'll switch back and forth? My guess is ring menu as a skill. Hot key it with only that skill so its just a directional option on the dpad. Maybe this has already been discussed, but I've looked and haven't seen anything.
  14. I'm looking for aim bots I want sick 360 no scope BOOM headshots. Gimme my wallhacks!
  15. I'll let everyone in on a secret eith bdo events. They are designed for grinding hours upon hours. The vast majority usually don't get the top rewards. They aren't like rewards in WoW where you can get the holiday/event item in a couple hours. Sad... but true. They are designed to make you play even more. Promote speeding up your grinding and possibly spending more money. I don't say this to be mean towards anyone. I don't say this to talk bad about bdo. Its just how they usually are.
  16. The biggest end all (atm) ... Xbox probably can't handle t7-t8. I race around on my t5 and hit the loading walls. Its why speed is capped in cities. Unless some optimization happens
  17. My logic is this ... Run it and burn it out so I can buy one of the new 4k's coming out lol. I have an og so its no big deal to me atm. But yeah it cant be good for it
  18. My biggest gripe is the lag fest. I know everyone is dealing with it... but trying to get a rotation down to be in top dps is near impossible. It never looks like I'm hitting them and randomly die with no indication of him using ability. I played PC for a long time... so I know the fights. I rarely died on PC, but theres times I instant rez on xbox to have it sit there and do nothing. Then it happens and I'm dead again. It did it 4 times in a row the other day. I do shut off the other player visibility. No, I'm not using McDonald's wifi. Its burger kings lol jk
  19. Supposedly Shirna said in a stream that breeding T8 was ultra rare. Insinuating they exist...
  20. Wow... my mistake. Yes, I read notes, site, announcements etc. I totally took the 17th as the end tbh. They always have dates of events then random days that prizes get distributed... confuses lots. Especially when they said after maintenance the item gets removed, yet i still have them. I guess I'll have to start putting dates and alarms in phone to keep all the events straight lol. I'm being sarcastic incase you didnt catch that
  21. Its the point of a pvp game ...? Suck it up buttercup. Like really
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