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  1. First thing I'm doing is praying to RNGesus and dropping $200 to see if I can get 5x Tier 3-4 pets. Had 5 Tier 4's on PC and it was well worth it, wouldn't be able to grind any other way now lol.
  2. Nope, will be more of a Christmas Eve type thing.
  3. So I can't afk fish with my Xbox? Will it really break or something if I leave it running 24/7?
  4. Kuno my favorite class. Too bad she won't be there on Xbox release. 😒
  5. Very true. Wish there was a way to see the whole PC population, haha. Either way, 10K is already a lot for a PC MMORPG. The only other ones that high are like ESO and WoW.
  6. PC version still has 10K players online right now, and that's just the ones I can see on Steam Charts. BDO has it's own client also, and a lot of people use that instead of Steam. And also that's 5 years after release. Conclusion: it's going to be yuge.
  7. Go with the X. I have the S, and I noticed a lot of issues during the Beta, especially for the boss fight at the end. Hopefully you can afford to dish out the extra money before release. I'm going to try to upgrade as well lol.
  8. They are not going to charge $60 for a 5 year old game with a cash shop. It started at $40 on PC, so that's my guess. And as stated above, they will have premium packages that give pretty good stuff like pets and mounts.
  9. That's gonna happen a lot. Valencia is the name of a real city in Spain, and also a popular soccer team. So it seems a lot of the Spanish speakers go there because they like the name. I'm going to stay away from that server.
  10. I'm personally saving around $200 lmao. As a PC player, I know how useful having 5x Tier 3-4 pets is. And to create a higher tier pet, you have to breed one Tier 1 with another Tier 1, and it's all RNG whether you get Tier 2-3 out of that. Then to attempt Tier 4, you have to breed a higher Tier with another higher Tier... It's kind of ridiculous, but that's how they make their money lol. But at least it's a one time buy, to be the fastest looter in the West. The costumes and value pack aren't too bad.
  11. I really wish they would release my favorite class, Kuno. But I dont see it happening on release. They need all the extra classes for more content later in the games lifespan.
  12. Says who? I played on PC for 3 years and it's the exact same story and dialogue lol.
  13. It was beautiful. I played on PC for 2 years, but something about a fresh start and a new beginning on BDO was amazing. I wanted to cry at the end, no other game will fill the void while it's gone. 😢
  14. You didn't miss much just a lot of frame drops and DC's. Kzarka about to spawn again because a lot of people didn't get a drop.
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