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  1. Hi boios happy bdo xbaws release to you sadly i wont come aboard the hype train this time.. lots of stuff changed for me and ive chosen to stick with the piano rather than with bdo any longer (also my friends dont want to stroll along this journey .. which indeed sucks) i planed alot of stuff like running a lewd guild and i also made myself some maps for knowledge running on leaflet which include all the knowledge that you need to unlock to rise your energy and also the quest that give you skill points and they come with tooltips and pre-quest and sometimes even images to clear things up i've worked my ass off for those and now that im not gona need these anymore (which sucks) i would like to give them at least to you as a gift because this was always something i had wished for when i played pc bdo but nvm if you're interested you can leave a reply here i first need to updoot my webspace cos right now the traffic is not unlimited heres a preview what you gona get with these you can pan and zoom in there, they work well with a mobile device too theres different maps for all the areas and citys so weaker devices can handle the maps too (and not crash) best regards and hf playing this awesome game ~ Nefer
  2. Welcome to the forums ! We do like racer games too here
  3. y talkin bout that fantasies i wonder where half your upvotes went
  4. shes by far not a 1v1 powerhouse tho she is OP vs no-grab classes that is true (musa,maehwa,sorc,dark knight) and a sane no-grab class player would prob not engage a witch/wiz unless they wana die a fast painfull death but every grab class will walk through her skills in SA and grap her and just kill her... but so does wiz witch still remains superior in dmg which was my inital comment and i prove it to be legit by providing actual facts and no just yada-yada but if you wana stick to 1978 datamines.. go for it lol ofc no one has to belive me
  5. 🙄.. i actualy did a test with 2 dudes on testlab cos i was curious about it too tbh test environment is optimal everyone has equal gear turn out vs a mystic (HP left) i use the mirror skill here to make things ideal you still naht belive me that witch is superb in dmg?
  6. that alot of factual number going on in your posting without factual numbers you could at least supply some actual numbers? because you say
  7. 7 on a bad and 5 on a good roll dosnt seem to be that much of a big difference to me in basestat you need to take into account that which has a larger AoE and shorter cast time thats why she has lower base stats over wiz to even things out she is also a faster grinder cos of that edit: esp because of the AoE and overall greater distance she is a bit safer from grabs which is huge in wiz/wich pvp
  8. p2w 192 inv slots brand a balenos rod p2w pandas craft some manos fishing clothes sit there and laugh over sea monster hunters while trading in prize tier fish for 30 million each in valencia ✅
  9. y pretty much this this is at least how it feels like in testlab right now buffed witch insta kills everyone cutting through blocks like butter and she is also much less played than wiz and her skills are harder to tell unlike wiz where it is clear what he cast so you can simply dodge on those attacks
  10. yay witchard btw. im playing witch on testlab at the moment to get a grasp of her.. shes prob the biggest dmg dealer in the game i will def extensively play a witch alt on xbex also with all the easy to access hotkeys going on witchard gona be awesome on controller
  11. every single mob / boss in the game is listed within a knowledge database at the beginning you only have "?????" but the more you fight a specific mob - the more you can learn about it: think of it like foliants you automaticaly collect and each time you drop one from the mob you increase your knowledge knowledge comes in grades, it is also possible to insta achive S grade ( rng with C beeing the highest % and S the lowest - also different on every mob) before you unlock C grade on a mob you cant see his actual HP / the dmg you make
  12. uh i think you miss on the zerker hacker that teleported into this fight same guy grabbed sacha and teleported above arena to let him fall to death on round 1 multiple hackerman showed up within this round heres the first clip where sacha get the grab lol
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