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  1. ShamefulDeeds

    My little first pony

    How did you even get the quest? LvL 17 and no quest for to tame a horse.
  2. ShamefulDeeds

    Interesting facts about Black Desert

    Some of this information is very out of date. For example: The US/EU PC version does now allow you to buy cash shop items with real money and then sell them on the marketplace for ingame cash. This in itself makes it more pay to win.
  3. ShamefulDeeds

    Update for Black Desert 23 GB?

    I'm in North America if that's what your asking.
  4. ShamefulDeeds

    Forced Update = Complete Reinstall

    Same problem here. It is forcing a complete re-install. I tried to get into the game right after it was done downloading and got a disconnected from server message. I figured okay.. Let's just hard restart my Xbox One X and try again in a few minutes. Now its forcing me to re-install the game even though it still shows the 2 character files I made. This will take all day with my internet.
  5. ShamefulDeeds

    Update for Black Desert 23 GB?

    Same thing happened to me. Really? I get that its beta but who can't patch in this day in age without forcing a complete re-install?