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  1. Yes: Error Disconnected from Black Desert servers. Please try again. [BEC_000/800C0019]
  2. I'm not bashing your answer, but you should post a message in discord forums to bring it to Xbox. as this would help mmos out right now and others in the future. However Black Desert doesn't support other software so they wouldn't have anything to do with that. So the aim is first to try and fix Black Desert without adding software they cannot support. Still said, its because there's no streamlined way with voice in game or somewhere else, that I posted the original topic issue -DIREWORLD-
  3. There becomes a problem when guilds reach a point where Xbox party chat will become ineffective. 8 players in party does not work well when rallying 8+. Voicechat doesn't even work during large scale guild events (ie nodewars) with current voice chat. Guild text chat is slow and not effective in these situations also. However a guild event with 3rd party software or phone software (Discord) is not a option. Not all players have phones. That and headsets only connect to 1 Xbox controller. 1 headset Will not play discord audio on 1 phone and Xbox audio on 1 controller simultaneously. See what I'm saying? Implement a guild voicechat that can be heard by every guild player with ease. Black Desert, evolve, thank you. -DIREWORLD-
  4. Yes have same post, will delete duplicate Attempted to correct by switching types of: main weapon, chest armor, secondary weapon -> all failed Running in 4k HDR
  5. Sorceress Graphics glitch The really big butt cutting thru the Agerian armor cape
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