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  1. Anyone have this issue? downloaded game yesterday and played it fine. Today it said I had a 23 gb update. Started the update, it was taking forever, so I clicked the game thinking I’d be able to play while it downloads and maybe it was a glitch and was downloading again for some reason. well when I clicked to start the game, it disappeared off my Xbox completely? Lost gone nowhere to be found. Help!
  2. There is camera control double tap R3 and you can zoom in and out and also move it left and right then double tap again,and it’s set in place
  3. There some major problems with this beta, I downloaded yesterday on the 8th and played it for couple hours, had great time loved it so far, but hopefully they will add a way to minimize the world chat if not completely remove it and the buttons layout on right side I’d like to see more of the world then all this typing crap. heres the major issue now, logged on this am the 9th and said I have an update, a 23 go update. That was the size of the game so I thought hmmm is it making me download the game again. When I clicked on it in the downloads section of Xbox it the completely disappeared, gone not anywhere to be found. Now I have to download it again. What’s that all about? The shitty thing is here in Canada we have download caps on our internet only allowed 250 go a month or we pay extra for usage. Sucks I know but we all can’t afford top notch internet. And before you bitch at me I pay $80 a month for 25 go down and 6gb up and 250 go a month. I stream everything, download all my games so 25gb again is kinda shitty. Guess I’ll be waiting for release.
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