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  1. So yes once you hit 49.99999% your little black spirit buddy with constantly flash saying you cant gain exp until you complete x quest over and over and over again. IF you choose not to do it even with lifeskilling you will still never hit 50. If by for some unknown reason you'd like to level strictly from life skilling (Its a very long process) but you are able to. Most pvp is as others have stated "duel for spot" which if you win you stay (or end up getting ganked which just switch channels and go about yo buiss) or lose and switch anyways. Speaking honestly the only time the whole switch can get annoying is if youre on a main rotation and the one you just switched to like 5 mins ago another person comes up and be like eh u duel 4 spt? -.- at that point youll have to wait an additional 15mins to switch channels. Once the hype dies down you shouldnt get the waiting on channels much as the channels will be more spread some player base dies etc. Other than that I wouldn't honestly worry to much about it. Even the ones who gank just to gank cause we get bored, will still get bored after killing you a few times and just go on our ways anyway. Another note to take into affect is if they impliment the BA (battle arena) that will then reduce a lot of the open world pking aside from the spot duels as anyone can jump in there and pvp without any pk penalties and dura and what not. Also a lot of people will be spamming the actual red battle which is a team deathmatch with bounty system(pretty interesting concept honestly). There's also open world Bounties. SOOOOOOO say you get super frustrated you're able to place a bounty on x griefer and bounty hunters will go kill the person as well lol. I've played BDO on pc since OB times so ive been around for a bit. But as you said 2 different communities. So what you do with the information you've been provided is on you buddy. Also you can always shoot me a message and ill come kill anyone that mess's with you if you'd like. Wouldn't be troubling me at all. But I will say you'll probably spend more than just a few months of casual on this game lol. If you have any questions just let me know!
  2. Im sure they will, we can only hope...for the time being you'll be able to find me snaking in the city arena's waiting for an aoe to hit me...to jump and screen a WILD TWIZTY has appeared. All jokes aside at least we have arena's for now to practice the controls for console. (which isnt to bad so far.)
  3. Dont worry mate, Ive spent at least 3,000$ on the pc version probably be close to that on xbox as well over the course of my playing time (mainly costumes for each class with some weight and i wasnt in the top 1%). As for P2W aspect everyone has opinions on this matters. While you can buy every piece of gear in the game with silver you can also buy value packs costumes pets on the marketplace. The arguably part of the P2W would be The tent and blessing buff along with the fishing rode ( I dunno if they ever put it in NA's version i havent played since lahn first release). Blessing increase krama gain engery and drop chance. The higher levels you get after soft cap the more base stats you get so an exp boost could in some eyes be considered P2W. My personal opinion is, is very minimal P2W in my eyes yes somethings are p2w, are they super impactful to the game. No I dont think so. TLDR my opinion is pay2win yes but p2w is low impact on the game itself. You will feel the smite of RNGesus more in this game than anywhere else or facing a "p2w" player. Some people will be blessed...others like myself...well we dont talk about those long nights crying at +65FS on a tri fail because you rouletted all your other gear and said fk it and stopped caring or risking the biscuit fail stacking raba's just to have it pri . 😭
  4. Im from Pc im well aware lol I was wondering since it is a lowered cap if we had a toggle or not.
  5. I haven't really found a way to toggle pvp except for the usual city arena's. Do we not have a pk key mapping yet? If so its going to be a sad night for me lol.
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