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    Tamable Elk

    One thing to keep in mind about the suggestions section is that the majority of what they're looking for, as of right now, are things that would make the Xbox version more accessible. Remember that the game is already finished on PC, and they likely won't add anything that the PC version doesn't already have, other than possible exclusives and the like. At least not until the Xbox version catches up to the PC version in terms of content. Riding a badass elk would be cool, though.
  2. Ah, that's a bit of a let down, to be honest. Main thing that appeals to me in most MMOs would be playing the market.
  3. I apologize. While it's true that the right-stick can adjust the camera, I was initially thinking of the observe mode you get when you sit on a ledge by crouching. Soz.
  4. I would be severely disappointed and annoyed if there isn't something SOMEWHERE that explains to new people why Red Nose's health doesn't go down on release.
  5. It was indeed fixed. Sorry for the late reply, busy day.
  6. Better to complain about it now than later.
  7. Gotchya. Voluntary donations with non-pay2win rewards is fine with me. Though, I can't afford to pay for them, so, my opinion on the matter isn't really valid.
  8. Maybe not exactly like the PC map, as using a controller to slowly or clumsily navigate it would be tiresome quickly. Having mini-menus of radial wheels is essential for the controller as we don't have as many buttons to use for shortcuts. Maybe a mix of both. Same style as PC where you don't HAVE to use shortcuts, but still have shortcuts that filtert hings on the map with a button combination. Once people get used to the combos it'll feel likesecond-nature and make map navigation immensely faster in the long run. Soz for the rant.
  9. You control you camera with the left stick? Huh. Regarding the subject, though, I believe this was fixed in the recent (23gb) update. At least that's what I'd heard. Currently updating.
  10. I'm fine with anything other than subscription, personally.
  11. Just out of curiosity: will there be a closed beta once the open beta ends for further play-testing? Or has a closed beta already happened that I'm ignorant of? Cheers.
  12. Just made a post mentioning this not too long ago, but, I kinda reverse-bumped it into oblivion. But, yeah. I concur.
  13. Zooming and panning are already a thing. Clicking and holding the right-stick will change to camera mode. However, what it needs is a button to disable the UI, as taking a screenshot on Xbox won't ignore it.
  14. I agree that the pathfinding is lackluster, and may need some tweaks. Especially when my boat decides to sail through an island to reach the destination.
  15. I'm not actually sure what a Founders Pack is. If you could elaborate, I'd appreciate it. Though if it has something to do with play-testing in a closed beta; I'm down.
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