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  1. yeah the UI is one of the main thing i don't like about this game, it's so cluttered, and most of it doesn't need to be there, in most games Chat auto hides itself when nothing is going on, quest i would like to set which are being tracked on screen, rather than always have it there. there ring menu at the bottom i'd like to be able to turn off, i know whats what i don't need it anymore, same with the button in the bottom right, i don't need to be told what the buttons do at this point. it's all just unnecessary mess and as someone that plays on a plasma, it also limits the amount i can play, as i don't want screen burn.
  2. to be honest most of the UI is an eye sore and doesn't need to be there. the Chat should Auto hide, i don't need it there all the time. and on that note would be nice if i could turn off certain chats Eg server chat, without turning off all chat. i would like to be able to hide the hotbar too. i know what d-pad does what i don't need icons there all the time quest tracker, again would be nice to be able to turn off/track only the quest i want to track. all in all the HUD is unsightly, mostly not needed and a good way to get some nasty image retention.
  3. so i know the Bloom was toned down from the Beta, but it still pretty harsh, and well Screen Shake can be toned down, the Blurring can't. after 2 days of playing Berserker, i ended up with Massive Eye Strain and now can't play for more than 20 mins. i love this game, but unless we can do something about the blurring effects and everything, i'll have to stop playing. i'd rather play the old un-remastered version at this point.
  4. Berserker has this same problem, ended up giving me a massive head ache. we really need full control over graphics in this game, the Bloom and lighting is also harsh on the eyes
  5. yeah the game's lighting is really harsh on the eyes, you can have pitch black and bright white all in the same shot. but i recently started playing the berserker and it ended up giving me really bad eye strain, as every time you use some of his main skills, the screen goes out of focus for a second, this rapidly happening over and over again messes with your eyes
  6. tell that to Daikatana, Duke Nukem Forever and so on
  7. well if MS are to believed, xbox one games will all work on the newer consoles, that was their big thing, making it so everything is compatible.
  8. well, it wouldn't be future proofing much, the next xbox it due 2 year from now.
  9. yeah, i think people have finally go to the point now where they are not willing to take it anymore, EA helped see to that lately. if it follows the PC model i'm happy with that 10 for the game (which is a good way to go, as it helps cut down on empty account, where people just get it cause its free but then never really play) infact i know console stuff tends to be more expensive, so i'd go with 20. then obviously can have different packs at higher prices. but there is no getting around the fact this game heavily leans and encourages the use of the cash shop. it's always been one of the major complaints about the PC version for years.
  10. i'd have issue if this game was a full price or near full price game, considering is heavy lean on a cash shop, the $10 price is fine, and then buy some cash shop stuff. but if they were asking $40-$60 and then the cash shop on top, i'm out. because lets face it, there are some things in the cash shop everyone needs (sure yes you could go without, but not really lol) i don't mind free to play (or close to it) with cash shop, but full price and cash shop, not a chance
  11. it's nice to get feedback on our feedback. and glad the brightness and controls are being looked at, as they were my major grips with the beta.
  12. i think you misunderstood, as you say the character should be controlled by the LS and camera by the RS, which was exactly what i was asking for, and is how 1st/3rd person game control. i wasn't asking for a FPS mode, just not to have the camera pan left and right on the LS as well as RS.
  13. don't think it was in the beta, as you couldn't do it with any npc's. other things weren't in either, the quests to upgrade your crafting were missing and no trading.
  14. i thought PVP was a toggle, so if you don't want to PVP, just don't turn it on, rather than not level your character.
  15. so far is all good, but i have to major grips, the first is the lighting and brightness, it's a bit overkill. it's a good looking game, but the fact that everything is so reflective and bright white, it washes out all the detail. the other is the movement controls, the camera should not move with movement on the left stick. the left stick should only be for moving forward, back and side to side, but some reason if you run forward then roll the stick to the right, your character and the camera will turn. which causes problems when you're controlling the camera with the right stick. it should have standard 1st/3rd person controls. only other thing is the crafting, a lot of it is not available/working, but I'm assuming that's just a beta thing
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