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  1. I know this is only a beta, but I checked the game's settings and it was listed as X1XE:True. I really hope there are plans to make the resolution higher, I think 1080p is totally fine, and improve draw distance a lot. I think that's the thing that's really glaring is the draw distance. Grass is rendering to increasing detail right in front of my character and beyond that, about 10 meters away from my character, the ground looks like a muddy texture until you get closer and grass starts to sporadically render until you're standing on it. I will say that I am impressed with the performance, but I'm wondering if it's performing so well because everything is so cut back. I know the X is capable of a hell of a lot more than what's in the beta, and again, I know this is a beta so I'm expecting the final release to look a lot better. Just want to put this feedback out there in case for some reason improved visuals aren't in the plans.
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