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  1. Cant wait. And super glad to see the motion blur option in there. But what about screen shake as well?
  2. Ahh well... sorry I assumed you were a teen or something. But I can understand were your coming from as well.
  3. You wont. You will be able to get pets that loot for you. Up to 5 can be out at a time. Thats how everyone on PC loots. No one loots them self.
  4. Right I know that. But I have to chose between having access to one thing super fast and loss 7 others. Or use all 8 slots but have to use dpad then joystick. It just feels kind of odd. If I could use the dpad again when the next ring was open it will feel smother imo.
  5. It needs to zoom a little bit more imo.
  6. Simple. Get a job, or a 2nd job. If your to young for a job. Then try something like simple lawn work etc... then buy a xbox. If your over 18 and in ok health you can donate plasma. You normally get 40-60 your first 3-6 visits depending on what center you go to. Also I would imagine that as we get closer to the holidays you'll see xboxs drop to around 250 again. If your ok with used then I would think you might be able to find a good one around 150-200ish. And the. 60 bucks for a 1 year sub is best value. You dont need to sell your ps4 or computer. Just find some side husle for a little extra cash.
  7. Most of the people that say its P2W are talking about the top 1%. If you want to be apart of that group then yeah it is. But almost everything else can be earned just buy playing smart. And putting in soms elbow grease. Also I wouldn't suggest talking about or using P servers. Quick wsy to get banned or worse...
  8. I feel like this may be just something people missed not a bug. But kind of is. I have a skill equiped to the quick use rings. And when I level it up. The higher level doesnt replace the lower level. And I cant cast the lower level. So I have to "re add" it. I know it is easy to do. But would also make sense for it to just "re map" itself as well.
  9. Would be really nice to be able to sort the in game party list by server, min level, amount of people. Also would be nice to see who is in the party before you join. I keep seeing partys that say they are for 30+ but its full of 15-25 Make party members name in a different color or little bit larger text so it can be eaiser to spot in a crowd of people. Also when I try to leave the party it says you are not the party leader.
  10. Are we geting any colorblind options for text and icons above players and npc heads? Also would be great to turn of screen shake, motion blur, that kind of stuff. Some of it makes me motion sick. So I can only play for a hour or so. Then I have to stop
  11. Like the title says it would be nice. If you could double tap the dpad "left left" to use that item/skill in the slot. Atm its kind of annoying try to quicly use health/mana pots/skill when you have other things in the ring.
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