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  1. Amythyst

    The Taming of the Tomboy

    Ive been stuck on this quest for a while. I go to the meat vendor and he's not there. Theres never anyone there to interact with. I literally camped there for four real hours waiting and nothing. Tried to de render and come back, nada. Help!
  2. Amythyst

    ‘A Memorial Service’ quest bug

    Xbox GT UnwashedArom0 Family Name Schad Character name Amythyst Server NA Meridiah Item has been lost and I would like to complete the quest. I tried contacting support another way but I guess it didn't work.
  3. Amythyst

    Cron’s Castle quest

    Having the same issue. Used scroll, didn't keep and cannot find Eileen for nothing. Stuck and a bit ticked off now.