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  1. bought the deluxe... also sold my ps4 for 100 dollars on letgo site since there is no gamestop within 70 miles from me. I was hoping that i had enough but bills coming first so i am sol. Other, my ps4 didn't have a blueray player inside since i re built it from parts i bought off of ebay Maybe by the time i save up enough for an xbox one, Awakening will be out for black desert? I had a level 63 striker on the pc and a level 60 war. here is how it looks on my pc though i only get around 15 to 20 fps with it this low, screen resolution is a tad higher than what i played on with my laptop so the textures look a bit worse on my custom res at 960x540 but that gives me around 20 to 25 fps, though the chat is un readable at that low of resolution. https://twitter.com/jessextremeone/status/1101265562452328448 trying to get a donation or loan to get a cheap xbox one paypal.me/aneurysmfund
  2. To be honest i couldn't find a pen here is a video i uploaded to my twitter talking about my tag here, better video of me 2nd try lol https://twitter.com/jessextremeone/status/1101265562452328448 Wow i feel silly but hey
  3. yeah i know this is not the place for this, I could live and be alright but my condition is just that it has changed in size and surgery is not an option. I don't expect anyone to help me just thought i would give it a shot. On the other hand i have no family but its alright. thanks for the reply and if the Mod's don't take this post down i will try and get it off or deleted soon. Sold my ps4 this month and bought the Deluxe edition of Black Desert and an xbox live gold with it, just no Xbox one lmao...
  4. sorry pearl abyss and players i am really embarrassed by doing this...
  5. Just turned 42 years old and very sad that i won't be able to enjoy this great game, disabled and have a brain aneurysm that is deadly. I know this post will be deleted and my account will be banned here. I have been trying to save up for a xbox one (basic version) not the s or x. My SSDI is too low to afford one with rent and bills, living off of 700 bucks per month is hard but i am a gamer! Hate doing this but i am going to try, looking for a donation so i can get a cheap Xbox one to play Black Desert! paypal.me/aneurysmfund I have been waiting so long for a console version of Black Desert... Played the PC version for 3 years though i know that kakao is not running this version, better in my opinion since pearl abyss developed the game, had to quit the pc version due to my old laptop burning out. I played for 3 years with the lowest settings on opt and upscale, never really got to see how nice the graphics were. boo hoo me i guess lol Not a scammer and posting a picture of my cat and i in my 12 foot by 12 foot apartment, its depressing but i guess life could be worse. I have posted topics before for the past few months but i am desperate right now. and in hope that i could get a loan or donation. Had to try, take care you guys...
  6. I have held off on buying fo76 and it looks like today i will shell out 60 for it...
  7. Money is not always that easy for everyone to just toss out there for multiple consoles...
  8. only way i could play was on graphics set to lowest with upscale and optimization mode which takes all the shine and colored textures, Turning into a different graphics format almost. I am on a very low income and would just get a cheap xbox one, I could care less for the one s and x.
  9. No, i have a ps4 atm. I may just get a cheap xbox one though when black desert comes out. I played Black Desert Online for 3 years on my old pos lenovo ideapad 300 to the point the game looked like roblox or worse.
  10. BDX is developed and published by Pearl Abyss and in partnership with Microsoft. BDO is developed by Pearl Abyss but published by KAKAO games Nothing holds over, Not like final fantasy a realm reborn...
  12. next year, RIP! why you no listen to me
  13. I doubt it, that is just for Kakao's version of BDO
  14. BDX WHO WHAT (WHEN) WHERE WHY? when noun \ˈhwen, ˈwen\ Definition of when (Entry 4 of 4) : the time in which something is done or comes abouttroubled his head very little about the hows and whens of life— Laurence Sterne
  15. I am hoping for a thanksgiving launch. If that happens i will buy a cheap xbone.
  16. 3 years on the pc for me and i could care less about random bugs. Consoles have pretty lame mmorpgs out such as tera which is very old and outdated as well as eso having the worst combat and dated character graphics.
  17. End of this month? Next month? End of December? Next Year?
  18. Microsoft didn't mess with Tera online right?
  19. I was hoping they would launch it December 1st. I am ready to quit the pc version due to 3 years on my old laptop making it look like a ps1 game...
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