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  1. Ps4 section is down there below the xbox one x
  2. Insomniacs are recruiting! We are a day one guild that's been through a lot, adapted from our mistakes, learnt accordingly and then even changed our name! We understand that not everyone's a sweaty gamer as such we are chilled out, fun, community based PVPers - The emphasis is not taking anything too serious, and ensuring you have fun! If you’re not having fun, what’s the point! We are doing weekly node wars and hopefully get back onto sieges in due course, pvp training, boss scrolls, and some fun gvgs. We have some requirements but an overall enthusiasm for the game is the most important thing! Ideally you would be: ★ 420 GS+ ★ ★ Level 58+ ★ ★ Discord (Text and Voice) ★ ★ Actively participating in NW and Conquest (Starting from 20CEST) ★ How to Apply: Head over to Discord Server, and write /apply https://discord.gg/YwWFcmw
  3. Still get blue and gold fish, no silver keys since the update though
  4. The higher the level, the higher the chance yes
  5. Does anyone know who gives the quest 'The Temple in the East'? Black spirit has nothing for me and I've spoken to everyone around the round table in Calpheon, trying to push my Alt through the story and its driving me nuts lol I have no idea why that's grey either
  6. Why post something like that? So much negativity GG Everyone! Nice Crown Bro ❤️
  7. Bumpity Bump Yo, come join us!
  8. ^^^^ It's just an invite for RMT
  9. They won't though, and I don't think you'll get your request either
  10. Clue is in the names CENTRAL marketplace TOWN storage
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