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  1. Greetings one and all. My name is Wabbits from the crimzon family and I would like to formally announce that the Trade Federation is currently recruiting members of the public to join us. We are a money loving guild and crafters. All are welcome of course, but we will be a traders and crafters paradise for all those you so wish to pursue it as they please. Fighters and what not are welcome to join. Please keep in mind that we go by the gold nothing is free. Always charge a fee for everything, as it is the way of the coin If interested please message me on Xbox at: CrimzonWabbitz. Thank you for your time and enjoy the last of the beta until the release comes. Sincerely Crimzon House.
  2. So I found out that there is a bug with the banker that if you are on too long and/or trade too much gold bars to him (in my case 110mil worth of bars) at once that gold will not appear in invertory/vault, not only that trying to take items out will not work and instead get a system notification saying there is no item there but you are able to put items in. Apart from gold. That goes to Valhalla. This bug was the exactly the same as the one in last beta.
  3. Okay 5hank you. Just wish it would be servers not region because that means If I buy the packs it be on a region that prob be dead...
  4. I've been seeing a lot of conversations on this subject on fb discord and on here. Will there be servers so all players around the world can play together like pc gamers or will it be region locked? Because if soon I don't want to be on a server with only 5 other people and have to change my region every time I want to play bdo....
  5. Will the tamer class be released on released date or will it be out at a later date in time? I remember reading somewhere when it was beta that the devs was already in processed/going to start on the tamer class for the console since she is already on pc. Wish I can start on her with the bundle once it's out
  6. I just hope they bring the pre orders out for nzl and aus in time before the time is up. Want to buy the 100 dollar pack just for the wagon armour lol
  7. Hello again to anyone who sees this. This prob be the last post I'll do until the full release of the game but I have on4 suggestion mainly for traders. What about implementing hiring guards? Could be players or npcs. The way to initiate it would be talking to a caravan guard at a city or town (mainly city's) and you can hire guards to protect you from bandits and such along the way to your destination. (Main use of them would be players who want to upgrade their strength by walking but can't fight). Cost of the guards would depend on the distant you are traveling to and from, and will be times depending on the amount/level of guards you want. Thought this would be a good idea due to the fact not everyone wants to tag along with a trader to support them when they can't get anything out of it with no trading system Thanks for reading and thank you devs for everything. The Crimzon Family.
  8. Yeah cced in group fights and depending what class you are but stuff like duels are different. I spent the last 11mins fighting a level 40 warrior with my 35 bezerker just smacking Each other and using potions for the whole game no one died... Even when random came in we was just constantly popping potions. It's mainly for that reason for that I'm suggesting it. I will say it's understandable for ranged units due to them being less armour and health
  9. Hello again all. So I was doing a PvP game with A few friend and noticed that battles can go on and on for very long periods due to potion CD is only 5 seconds. Even with 2 vs 1 it was just barely stale mate depending how you and they play. What I suggest is just up the CD time to atleast 10 - 15 seconds. Mainly for PvP games.
  10. Hello jake! It's pretty simple really but for player who don't know where to start it is very confusing so I'll explain it to the best of my ability. Houseing: so with the housing there is a variety of houses that you can obtain through out the black desert world. • Residents - this is currently the only building you can own and walk inside yo decorate inside with different furnishing and stations. E.g. anvil, alchemy table. Cooking station. Trophies. Beds and much more. • lodging - so with lodging this is where your workers live. The more lodgings you have the more workers you can have in that city/town. • Storage - with the storage it upgrades your bank space in that town/city it is built in. The more space the more the workers and yourself can jam into the bank. • Stables - stables is like the storage build but instead of bank space it open more slots in the stables to hold more horses in that city/town it is built in. • Crafting Buildings - all other builds that is left over are all different types of crafting buildings. Each building has their different types of resources needs for crafting. For information on what you need to make the item you must first build the building you want (example: refinery) once build you will see a crafting button under the buildings list. Press it and it will take you to a list of items you can craft, select a item to see what resorces you need to craft (example: black dust requires black stone armour or weapon). Note: all resources amd crafted items from workshops. will be placed into bank. Crafting can only take place if required items arw in bank. Workers: workers are easy to understand once you get the hang of it. There is 3 types of race workers you can obtain. with different stats for each one. Goblin: The goblins works the fastest out of all the races but has less energy points. good for players who are active all the time Giant: The giants can work more jobs then the goblins. Giants have the most energy points out of all the races but they work the slowest. Good for players who are less active. Human: The humans have a average level stats of speed and energy points. Making them good for players who are less/very active. (NOTE: workers do not regenerate energy, to replenish your workers energy you will need to learn/make Beer for them) You can obtain workers from the worker supervisor (slaves xD), from there you can purchase a worker. You will roll for a worker which will cost you 5 energy points to roll. Once you've found the worker you want then just purchase with silver. When buying a worker please note to look at their stats next to there portrait on the right. Each worker also have it's own skill for different jobs (can only see once worker has been bought). There are 4 different rarity of workers. Feeble Worker - worst worker to gain not recommended to buy. Worker - basic worker Skilled Worker - skilled workers are good. They generally have better stats then standard workers and better worker skills. (Recommend) Artisan Worker - these are the best out of all the workers you can obtain. Having the best stats and skills. (Highly recommend) Once you have a worker you can then send them Nodes that you have visit and invested into via node management. (Note: You must invest into their resources, example mining or foraging). You can also make them work at buildings you have built in the city/town they live in. (Note: workers only work untill the timer is finish. Once finish you will then have to reassign to a job) I hope this information will help. It's only info I've learnt on my own at the current moment will edit if learnt anything else.
  11. Not for me. I reblog and no changes to storage or personal money sadly.
  12. Well that has been explained on report bug section. The boss health does go down but you don't see the bar go down. It's just changes color from yellow to red then death. Noticed it's all bosses
  13. Family name: Crimzon Server: Glish Hello. So me and a friend noticed a bug with selling/buying and taking things out of bank and putting things in. Bank - the issue I've found is that when I sell good bars or silver to them, they take the item but not give the money for it. With items I've tested it multiple times and they say that they gave it to you but they don't and it's gone for ever. (I miss my trading items T_T). This issue is cleared up after you relog in but you still loose the items/money from the banker. Stores - buying and selling seems to have a issue where you sell something to him/her, they take it but you don't get any money for the item. Same goes for buying you buy a item don't get it but loose money for it. Issue is fixed once you reblog but still at a decrease of money. I so far I've only noticed it occurs at heidel city.
  14. Hello. As the title suggests, it's about more information. Would be best to get more information on sections that does not have a lot of details about. Like "how to take a horse" , "crafting for dummies" and "workers and nodes". I know there is some informations on forums but not all players think to go to forums for the shear fact that it takes too long to go and search for the section/thread do you need. So what I'm suggesting is have a button on menu that has a list of detailed information of whatever you need to know like workers for example. Not everyone knows how to work them or how to find out how to work them. I know a fair a bit now of them just don't know everything. And if spent atleast a good 3hours playing around with them. Same goes with other stuff like farming and trading. Don't know how to use a small fence for farms and I don't know how to set up a full working trade rout. So I think a section like that would be best. Info on how to use something,what it is used for and so on and so on. What does everyone think?
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