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  1. Add a pve server. I probably wouldnt go there that often. But i think it would be nice to have the option atleast. Sometimes i just wanna go find someone random, party with them and fight monsters and help them level up or clear quests. I enjoy helping people, but open pvp makes most people untrusting. They see me running up and theyre like 😧 and run away or they turn on pvp and we get into a fight and that makes me sad af Pve server would help ppl be more trusting. Or maybe im just doing it wrong and there is a better way to try and help people. Idk both are super likely!
  2. So they make it so bandits spawn inside safe zones (thus making it so safe zones arent actually safe...the thing theyre kinda supposed to be) to prevent a trick they could prevent some other way? I mean not everyone grabbing trade goods is actually trying to trade. And i have a forest wagon to run trade goods very fast if im trying to do that. This is just a bad decision if that's the case.
  3. Okay. They've said this is intended. Idk how to delete this so pls just ignore this. Instead ive made a post in suggestions asking for this to be removed and included reasons why i think it should be removed. Im sorry if this causes issues here now. ._.
  4. I had submitted a ticket concerning being attacked by bandits that spawned inside of heidel. I thought this was a bug and put it in the bug section. Idk how to delete that so hopefully somebody can tell me. After a few responses, the GMs told me this is intended. It is intended for bandits to spawn in a safe zone to attack players who just grabbed trade items. This is unfair. Once you grab trade goods, you can't fight back. You cant trade the trade items back to the trade manager you just got them from. You can't deposit them into your storage or switch servers because being attacked takes you out of the menus. I instead shut the game off and turned it back on and when i reconnected, the bandits were still there to attack me. Included is the GM response saying this is intended. And i cant understand why. Safe zones are supposed to be safe. So pls remove the ability for bandits to spawn inside safe zones.
  5. Bandits spawned inside heidel after grabbing trade goods from inside heidel. They spawned within the safe zone. I submitted a ticket. And they replied saying they read my ticket and this is intentional and to make sure that i drop off my trade goods as soon as getting there. They didnt read it. Because i didnt get attacked by bandits on my way to heidel, i got attacked while picking up trade goods inside of heidel. So can i pls get an answer here if it is actually intended for bandits to spawn inside heidel or any safe zone? Thank you in advance.
  6. No, you can't, but that's okay. Pls take care and have fun! PvE servers will probably not happen during the time many of us here now will be so actively playing BDO if ever, but I sincerely hope everyone still has lots of fun with such a wonderful game.
  7. I said the game is whatever you want it to be, and you agreed to that. I was pointing out the forced (or open world, if you don't like the term forced) pvp isn't the game's focus because they have so much stuff that contradicts that. It's in the game as a gimmick, to add danger, and because of that, pve servers probably won't happen. But, you chose to focus on basically one sentence of that entire post and argue about it, then turn around and agreed to what I said just because someone put it in different words. You have contradicted yourself. It can't be a pvp game and a game that allows you choose for it to be a non-pvp game at the same time. Those things are mutually exclusive.
  8. The open world pvp is a gimmick. Nothing more. PA responded to some negative ratings on xbox store concerning the open world pvp, saying "The forced pvp adds a sense of danger to the world, but as areas open up, the chances of meeting another player become rare". It's not some big game focus or something. We aren't expected to fight over spots either. If they truly wanted us to fight over spots they wouldn't allow us to be able to sell stuff to each other through the CM, they wouldn't allow for multiple areas to drop the same piece of gear or equivalent/alternative gear in different areas (ogre ring, laytenn's power stone, tungrad necklace for example) , they wouldn't give us boss scrolls or just not allow boss scroll bosses the ability to drop boss gear, they wouldn't have added the night vendor, they wouldn't turn off the forced pvp for world bosses, and more. This game allows you to choose the goal. It's not a pvp game. It's not a pve game. They used to call games like this a sandbox because you weren't told or given a goal like in regular games, it was up to you what you decided to focus on. PvE servers probably won't happen. They want the forced pvp to add that sense of danger to being outside of a town.
  9. Ashlyn


    Shai is crazy fun! I'm hoping awakening comes with more support, and heals. As it is, her healing is a little behind a witch or wizard. Though overall support is aaaaaaaaamazing as is! Boomerang combat is super interesting because you have to worry about direction you're facing and the range you're throwing it. Hop gives shai good mobility and is fun to use. Probably most fun I've had in the game so far.
  10. Well. The only official statement i have ever seen is on xbox rating comments of black desert. They stated that the open world pvp is "to add a sense of danger to exploring the world". Meaning this is an mmorpg with pvp elements added in to make it more dangerous, because no enemy is as big of a threat as another player. You can look on the xbox rating comments and see their replies to some of them stating this. I hope this information helps. ^.^
  11. Family name in chat could be like a selectable setting. So you could choose for chat to display family name instead of character name. Might complicate inviting to party from chat, though. But it's an idea! ^.^
  12. Im now having this issue too. Gone through every step ive seen here. Still stuck and cant log in.
  13. Thank you for answering my question! I'm not really much of a gamer so its just something i was curious about.
  14. Hey, im not like...trying to argue or anything. I just keep seeing this in game and i hear people talk about it all the time, but is there like an actual game thing for establishing that beating someone up grants you that spot? Or is it just some thing some players said should happen and the community just agreed upon it? Am genuinely curious. Pls dont think otherwise. >.<
  15. Im totally staying as witch. Funnest class in the game to me. Something about calling down a bolt of lightning then making it spread all along the ground and instantly defeating a whole group of enemies that makes me happy. And awakening videos show witches being able to cast storms of lightning! Im gonna maaaaaaake iiiiiiiiit rrrrraaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn!!!! :3
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