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  1. Dart

    Field Bosses - Blink of an Eye

    This kid whines more than anyone, I'd love to hear him in a party chat.
  2. Dart

    Grabs Need Nerfed

    Y'all do realize that the CC changes are out right? 😂😂 this is a 2019 version of BDO with content removed. This is not a true vanilla BDO. Vanilla BDO a zerker could use all 3 grabs and his stomp. This is the new CC system we are playing with right now. The CC system as it is currently, is how it is on PC. Here i'll break it down as simple as i can for the few on this thread spewing nonsense garbage like it's fact. CC Immunity/DR value = 2 - Soft CC's = .7 - Hard CC's = 1 If you have a brain you can get a total of 2 hard CC's and a soft CC before the target becomes CC immune. TLDR: Git Gud
  3. Dart

    Node War Event

    Still proves my point.
  4. Dart

    Node War Event

    And my point is that it's coming and just because he's unhappy with which came first does not mean no one else wanted this. Hence self entitled.
  5. Dart

    Node War Event

    They have not been released in the order of those pictures. If you noticed Mediah is no where near the first. Those who assumed the picture order is the order of release, that's on you. You should have known since Mediah launch that it was not following that.
  6. - About us - - White_Stag, we are very active, friendly, and knowledgable. We have 18 members at the moment. We have not done any active recruiting for the most part simply because of singular progression until, now! PvP is the main focus of the Guild but, PvE goes hand in hand with PvP simply because of the materials needed for progression (we all knew that). Currently, we have a boat we take out any chance we get for pirates. 2 of us have been stockpiling materials for the bigger boats when they launch. We are always down for group PvE/PvP activities. We are active on discord and XBL parties. - Requirements - - 250 GS for everything besides nodewars/sieges - 300 GS and a PvP trial for Nodewars/Sieges - Contact us - - https://discord.gg/t8CV5mr - Gamertags of Officials - - Sherazin (GM) - WizardBison (Officer) - TheCyclops1 (Officer) - Natraul Blaze (Officer) - Feral Man Child (Officer)
  7. Dart

    Node War Event

    You're self entitled. There's a roadmap. Read it.
  8. Dart

    Node War Event

    They're never going to change the game from it's core to cater to kids like you.
  9. Dart

    Boss fights are unacceptable

    Never had an issue here during this boss spawn. This isn't a knee jerk reaction. They're pumping out fixes and updates every week. Stop whining. Step in a great direction.
  10. Dart

    Boss fights are unacceptable

    Still think it's a bad idea? LOL
  11. Dart

    Boss fights are unacceptable

    You You know its already a thing right? There are plenty of mmos with this sort of implementation without instances. There's no pvp allowed during the boss anyway btw. There's no need to see other players until he's dead.
  12. Dart

    Boss fights are unacceptable

    There's a very easy and simple answer which they know about and probably are already working on. Phasing other players out of your game. As in not seeing them on your screen in the world boss area. You would only interact with players and see players in your party.
  13. Dart

    Boss fights are unacceptable

    Yeah cuz its totally going to just stay like this. You don't think they realize or have seen the data? People like you contribute nothing.
  14. Dart

    CM Silver & Storage wiped

    Yup same. Log in this morning to see 150m worth of enhanced gear and rare accessories saved for melting for sharps gone. I'm sure we will get our items and silver back after maintenance tomorrow.
  15. Dart

    Perma logg out

    @CM Valencia @[CM] Serena @[CM]Shirna @[GM]Kusha