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  1. I just hope there will be ayleast 2k active players since on the pc it peaks around 10k
  2. I missed the beta was wondering what was the population on server did it feel empty crowded and toughts on the future of the game will it have a stable player base ? Or xbox players are mostly casuals that doesnt fit a hardcore game like bdo
  3. What u mean with a 'pc player will father us' does it mean most of you guys dont even have game knowledge from pc ?
  4. Looking to join a truly hardcore siege guild, on eu server or looking for a few individuals with high playtime and knowledge to form one hit me up
  5. There is a game called runescape try it , black desert is a hardcore grindy mmorpg.sorry
  6. I dont know what game ur playing but in bdo as soom u get cced ur dead i seconds and we will get fairy at certain update with auto heals
  7. Uhmm its out on pc , but this is a new beggining where everyonr start fresh i dont play on pc cuz i cant catch up and yea i dont mind bdo with controller its smooth and fun
  8. As the title says , and so you guys think is it possible to use a chatpad for chatting
  9. I heard rumours xbox one is getting mouse and keyboard support sponsored by razor , will that be implemented into BDO , and if so will the controls be different
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