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  1. If they release it later it allow for more class diversity and less meta players.
  2. It pretty much showing that they do not care about xbox balance at all.If you played PC you know how Broken striker is and for it to come so soon to xbox is very Problematic and can ruin the meta of xbox extremely early.
  3. Yes the only class that the game should have started with.
  4. Boy I'm everywhere expect between the hours of 8-3
  5. It really doesn't your character will still have a first name for you to customize for example a sorc name Luna.Her last name will just be Billy bob .
  6. I'm 97% sure we can only pick first name.Not having your Gt being your family name would make interaction and messaging people harder.
  7. 😢😢free my man Jaronking Ohh wasn't on my alt account.
  8. Sound lame as hell good thing I'm not part of that guild.
  9. Depend on the game actually vigor had a open beta and all the progress from the beta carried over.Its safe to ask these questions certains games allow it. @King Aion
  10. Agreed Favorite girl in 1-A is Jirou froppy cool due.
  11. When will we see Camie again she the best makes the show lit fam.
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