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  1. Got the same message more or less.. rebooted several times and still nothing.. everything I had was in the market place.. I would hate to start over.. Mind of if get some help too? lol I could sure use it
  2. So while I was fishing I attempted to discard a broken bottle really quickly and as I hit the button it glitch to my sword and now it's gone.. just like that.. it really hurts my soul.. 😭
  3. I had no idea thank you for that information! If i read it fast enough it doesn't bother me much.
  4. I'm interested.. Gt: HeroicSieg i hope to learn as much as possible.
  5. Musa i think he looks really cool.. Or the ninja.
  6. Man I'm extremely excited for this i can't wait.. I saw that you stated there shouldn't even be a beta.. You rather a quick release while i agree however, i think they may still do one to stress test the servers..
  7. Hello! I'm very excited for BDO i can't wait to get lost in another world.
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