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  1. Vim

    MOST AP NA? what ya working with???

    186 was my highest on my dk
  2. Vim

    Good or Bad?

    I rerolled my gear at 442 GS. I had a Full Tri Taritas Set, Sold it, my sub and main wep. Came out with 400+mill and so far im all duo Grunil/Heve with Liverto rolled to my 56 Ranger from Sorc. I still have over 100mill from the reroll, i chose ranger for PvE Clears. Worth it or Waste? Note: Never had a Kzarka
  3. Vim

    Level 61!

    I have heard they're a few Level 61 Zerkers on EU. Any proof to this? If so... Why? I mean why try so hard when it will be way easier later on.
  4. Vim

    Drop Rate Scroll

    Is this scroll 2x for normal drops & rare? Will it work on Kzarka giving me a 10% Chance at top 20?
  5. Vim

    World boss RNG drop suggestion

    Im back on my sorc with 144ap on a dp build and get top % for the last 3 iv ran
  6. Vim

    Silver bar grinding

    Sounds like someone used that little glitch for the 1k bar drop, dont worry, shirna will get you eventually. MMO exploiting never ends well for those that do it.
  7. Vim

    Realistic Roadmap?

    Highest iv hit was 415, just asulas, i went back to my sorc and im at 398. I hit 415 over two weeks ago. Im near artisan farming thats it, no workers or any othe LS stuff. But i have started to look at the cheap side of bringing gs up. DP builds. For a few hundred mill on accessories you can hit 120-140AP with 320-350 DP. At that DP GL getting gibbed by gankers lol. My DK was at 186AP but after swapping back to sorc i see no point in having low dp. A buddy of mine has tri and tet DP accessories and it took 3min to kill him while he just stood their.
  8. Vim

    Preparing for awakening

    Im broke af sitting on all duo with tri wep, i for one am looking forward for awakening. Gear will come with time. I'v been on a break for a few weeks, sure it would be nice to have loads of money and top end gear but really what's the rush. Eventually the market will be stocked enough to buy everything you need. If you don't have the money now then rip, just grind for it.
  9. Vim

    Joy's of pvp

    Yes and no, xbox kids cry to much. Ill fight and lose 100 times b4 i get slightly triggered. Iv played with people who lose once and start blaming others or uninstall the game. I had this issue with long time friends in for honor. I rarely lose, that's because when i do i take it as a challenge to get better. Everyone else just rages when they lose to a better player or character instead of improving. But yes pvp 4life
  10. Vim

    Remove Forced PVP !!!!

    Dumb post should be locked, lets remove PvP in CoD, Halo, Apex, Fortnite and every other game. Here is a thought, stay lvl 49. Want to know a game that listened to carebears like you? Elite Dangerous did this, it literally killed itself. I played it with a faction i founded with friends for 3 years just about. We were top dogs, public enemy number 1. As Fdev slowly punished pvpers all the competitive groups started to die. Eventually they lost 80% of their playerbase. Now they struggle to release PvE Content because they lack funding. Hardecore players that PvP usually hang around a game longer where PvE casuals hop games constantly. Black Desert is PvP 1st PvE 2nd. Start removing or punishing PvPers and the game will lose a massive majority of players.
  11. Id rather it release broken than take longer tbh. Its what got me into bdo, how the classes played n such.
  12. I did light research on a PC update that had this, it showcased tweaks to valk, maewa, kuno, ninja & mystic awakening some stuff about battle arena and a ton of fixes. RN on the roadmap we have yet to get awakening, ASkills & Regions. Sais regions are to hard without awakening so that narrows it down.
  13. Vim

    Honeymoon faze officaly over.

    Lol, game is no where near broken, get over yourself seriously. At least its not like Anthem, Fallout etc...
  14. Black Market in game ???question mark???
  15. Vim - Vim (Karma) NA