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  1. Vim

    Honeymoon faze officaly over.

    Lol, game is no where near broken, get over yourself seriously. At least its not like Anthem, Fallout etc...
  2. Black Market in game ???question mark???
  3. Vim - Vim (Karma) NA
  4. Vim

    Need help, bug

    There's this bug going on that screws with the UI, everyone i have talked to has it. Well it just caused me to set a 365 day contract on myself in my guild. I need this removed. Im near max member cap their is no way im disbanding my guild. Any ideas on how i can cease my contract?
  5. Vim

    Mythos is recruiting new members

    I to recommend this guild even though im recruiting for mine lol.
  6. Corvos is the 3rd Control Guild in our Alliance. Our main focus will be open world large scale PvP. Conquest and Node Wars will be our Primary PvP focus. The rest comes after. At this time we have 30 members with a handfull from PC. Our alliance total sits at 250+ with the two other control guilds sitting over 80 members each and the smaller support guilds sitting between 10 to 30 members. The Control Guilds will be gunning for a pre agreed on region through conquest/siege. In the event that one control guild needs assistance with attacking or defending a region the alliance will send a group from each control & support guild to help depending on how many are needed. As for politics each guild does their own internally and no one guild has a say in anothers politics. The only thing we as an alliance do together is lookout for one another. If you are interested in joining my Guild and be a part of something bigger ill list contact details at the end of this thread. As for other guilds that would like to join the alliance their are one of two ways to do that. If your guild wants to be in control of one of the regions already taken you can absorb your guild into one of the control guilds of your choice if they have room. If you would like to be a support guild i will direct you to the alliance coordinator. You will be supported in anyway we can help, particularly we assist you in node wars. If you would like to be a control guild within the alliance ill direct you to the alliance coordinator and you may choose the remaining regions. The regions that KotRT have claimed as of 11-23-18 are... Serendia Baelenos Calpheon My guilds Region will be Calpheon. If you have any questions you can reply to this thread or contact me directly over Xbox. Gamertag: Vim
  7. Vim

    Kunoichi Is Bae

    Another weeb that faps to digital character instead of real skin 😒 Not to mention she looks like a Barbie lol...
  8. Thank you, so instead of doing the cat quest for the 1GB i can spawn in and run to go make a clan. Do you need to complete the tutorial? I know i was able to go to every vendor/NPC but could not set waypoints.
  9. Do clans and guilds have a separate naming policy or the same? For Example If i named my Clan Scruggs and later turned it into a guild could someone have previously made a guild called Scruggs making us have to change our name? If our guild was called Scruggs and another group decided they would make a clan called Scruggs would it let them?
  10. Thanks, we have a decent lot so far i wish you guys the best.
  11. We have formed a Post launch Guild to focus on PvP and region control. We currently have a mixed US/UK roster with a few PC Players in leadership that will father the xbox memberbase at launch. Guild name is undecided with a few good suggestions. The roster consists of mostly xbox players with the intent to go hard after release. As for our PC members one of them still plays PC on occasion and will father us newborns into the BDO experience. If you are interested pm me. If you are attempting to make a small guild with friends consider a roster merge. Recruitment will be competitive and larger numbers will succeed.
  12. What are the requirements to claim a region with the seige system since no one will have ownership at launch? I have looked everywere and cant seem to find it.
  13. 71 views and no comment. Sadface