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  1. Darthaden

    Can we get a second beta at least?

    At the very least if the game is delayed until 2019 can you just tell us now and not make us wait until December 31st to let us know? Would be nice to know if its worth my time to pick up Atlas while I wait
  2. Its starting to become apparent the games not launching this year so can we at least get another beta? I think a couple days after Christmas would make a great timeframe since the Xbox X will be a hot Christmas item this year.
  3. Darthaden

    Closed Beta?

    Would be nice if we at least get another beta if the game still isn't ready. I have 2 friends who might be interested in playing the game that weren't able to play the first beta.
  4. Darthaden

    Why was witch the rarest class to roll during BETA?

    I hope it stays low, less gear competition for me
  5. Darthaden

    Video game awards thursday

    I think its safe to assume if we don't have any news by Monday we're looking at a 2019 release. They'll give us at least a week notice and I don't see them releasing the game Christmas week.
  6. Darthaden

    Might sell xbox one

    No point in selling it, you won't get much for a used Xbox when black Friday was just a week ago. You'd be lucky to get a third of what you paid for it. I googled it just out of curiosity and Game Stop has the first Xbox one listed at $48 trade in value and $160 for the X
  7. Darthaden


    Yeah you pay 50 cents for a instant rez in the real world.....it's a scary place
  8. Darthaden


  9. Darthaden

    What will be available at the start?

    It'll be the same content the Pc had at launch with the addition of some quality of life add ons and UI updates
  10. Darthaden

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    Damn, now I'm hungry again
  11. Darthaden

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    To bathe in the blood of fallen enemies during rituals to the rng gods in hopes of having good luck enhancing
  12. Darthaden


    They'll give us a week notice I'm sure before launch so they'd have to announce pretty soon to hit that window
  13. Darthaden

    Guild Logo

    Personally I hope they don't and just give up thousands of stock logos to choose from. Really don't need to see Kim Jong Un's face in Heidel or any other of the ridiculous flags some guilds had on the PC
  14. Darthaden

    Mouse and Keyboard Support for BDO?

    There's also the option of binding the other 4 buttons so you never have to take your thumb off the right stick but for me the way it requires you to hold the controller just feels awkward and I can't imagine holding it like that for multiple hours while grinding.
  15. Darthaden

    Mouse and Keyboard Support for BDO?

    thanks for the advice. I'm not even going to use the bumpers though, Im setting the bumpers and triggers to the paddles the grip feels a lot better for me not having to reach up to the top of the controller