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  1. Darthaden

    Magic tools

    Your best bet is to put a high luck human on a tool shop and make the blue or yellow tools and pray to the rng gods for lucky tools Sacrificing your first born will increase your odds
  2. This right here is why I don't failstack on reblath like most people, I use horse gear. If I happen to hit +10 (highest horse gear goes if anyone doesn't know) them great I got some nice gear for one of my horses, if I get my 20 stack I want great I can start going for duo on something......either way I'm happy
  3. Darthaden

    Gear talk

    I do have a +15 steel dagger waiting to be enhanced if get accuracy from somewhere else before getting the boss dagger
  4. Darthaden

    Gear talk

    I went bronze fmdagger for the accuracy because I'm just going with the azula set with a duo witch until we get the yellow accessories. I haven't had time to farm accessories and I'm to poor to buy any off the market atm as I'm investing all my resources into trade crates to make money later......currently have 55 workers going with 8 crate shops, will probably add a few more shops over the weekend once I get some bigger stacks of processed foods to support them
  5. Darthaden

    How to Awakening

    If its not next week it'll be soon after. Awakening will be required before we get Valencia and if they plan on catching up to the pc by summer than Valencia can't be far off.
  6. Imo best thing you can do to lesson the blow from a fail is have a backup in place. My main is a witch and so are two of my boss alts and there's a very good reason for this. Before I attempt to go past the (when its released) I plan on going for a second tri. If it fails in at least will have another so my gear score won't suffer, if it passes I got a boss alt who will love my backup and can actually use the mainhand weapon
  7. Darthaden

    Best gear at the moment?

    Best gear is the gear you can afford to get to tri. If you can afford it go boss, if you can't afford to enhance boss gear go with something like grunil armor and a yuria weapon Boss gear is bis but tri yurua-grunil is far better than + 12 boss
  8. Darthaden

    Fishing and crafting sales

    That's what I'm doing atm I have nothing at tri right now, all my gear is duo.....but I'm Artisan in gathering and cooking with enough mats to push cooking to master whenever I choose to do so and processing is at artisan 8 so probably hit master by the end of the weekend. I'm using some of that processed material for workshops but the bulk of it is being crated up waiting for the desert patch
  9. Darthaden

    Fishing and crafting sales

    Inflation hasn't hit Xbox yet. Prices have gone up over time on the pc and they will on the Xbox as well......I remember at launch prices of relic shards were something like 300k each and last time I checked they were around a mil each, probably way more now Xbox is releasing content much faster so prices will probably increase much faster. Id say keep grinding on the professions you want to do, get that skill up to master/guru and become a overnight billionaire while everyone else tries to catch up when that content comes
  10. Darthaden

    cooks cloths enhancing broken??

    And I got +2 cooks on my first shot with a 7 stack......but have yet to succeed on a tri weapon attempt 0 for 7 now rng is rng At least I got 2 30+ stacks and a 42 stack for later though I guess
  11. Darthaden

    You're doing it wrong PA! - Rant #yeet

    If your not aware you can have 3 food buff up at one time so that's 300 meals bought by one 100 man guild just to start the war then they'll need more as the buffs start to wear off.
  12. Darthaden

    You're doing it wrong PA! - Rant #yeet

    I think you underestimate how much node war guilds will buy up. The price will not stay down for long
  13. Darthaden

    what are you FS on?

    I'm using horse gear. It has a very high fail rate above +8, easy to make, and if it hits +10 (max for horse gear) I've got 11 characters who could always use gear for their horse.......though I've yet to hit +10 as unjust got my shop up a few days ago......I do have a few +8 and +9 items though