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  1. Darthaden

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    Anyways the whole point in my comment was just that life skills are plenty profitable for the amount of active time required, they don't need buffed.....and this is coming from someone who mainly does life skills
  2. Darthaden

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    On average yes. I'm artisan 8 gathering with a hedgehog and using magic tools I stocked up on during the event. My best was 17 hards/sharps mixed on 215 energy. Currently have around 200 of each
  3. Darthaden

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    I look at it this way. I go gather meat for a half hour, get a average of 10 hard/sharps turn make dough ago overnight and have enough mats to make 30 million in boxes......so about 50 million for a half hour of active play isn't bad at all.....plus cp exp and seals
  4. Darthaden

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    I find them worth it. I just make at least a full batch of 900 on a advanced utensil and make boxes for a few days
  5. Darthaden

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    I'm not having any issue with making passive income. I'm making around 500 mil a week from my 4 workshops and imperial cooking turn ins. Once I get my nodes connected to turn in trade crates that'll be a billion+ in one day. All with maybe a half hour active time a day to gather and farm
  6. Darthaden

    New player looking for tips

    Make sure to use your energy and cp. Full energy =wasted energy Unused cp= wasted cp Even if you not big into life skills you can at least use workers to gather materials to list on the market for nearly zero effort silver
  7. Darthaden

    Whats good about fishing?

    Ill be happy to sell him fishing cloths from my costume mill, ill sell him a rod as well once he's able to use the epherian rod Most people do it for the relic shards you need to get memory fragments used to repair boss gear......and you can do it afk
  8. Darthaden

    Ps4 preorder coming up

    Same. I only get a hour or two on average to play......luckily I've got my worker empire and life skills to a point where I can now make 50-70 mil a day just selling things from my workshops and cooking/alchemy I do semi afk while eating some dinner. A week ago I had no boss gear, now I'm only needing tree and gaith all paid for by my semi afk cooking and workers.....just need the men frags now
  9. Darthaden

    Ps4 preorder coming up

    They could just do the extra xp servers for new players like the pc does. I hope they do have cross platform, give me some people to sell my old pri-duo grunil and yuria to
  10. Darthaden

    CP Dish Data Worksheet

    Just curious what you hardcore cooks have your cooking time at. I just got mine down to 2.5 seconds and doing semi afk cooking most of the weekend trying to hit master. Currently I'm halfway through artisan 10 so a few more hours should do it.......really wish we had alchemy stones for Xbox
  11. Darthaden

    What Lifeskill have you been chasing?

    ATM I'm Artisan 7 in gathering Master 4 processing Pro 6 farming Artisan 10 in cooking Skilled 8 in Alchemy I have 10 trade crate shops up atm and somewhere around 10k junk crates sitting in Arehaza but haven't turned them in because I'm short on cp to connect without selling off a bunch of my shops. I have 20k grapes and somewhere around 100k grains saved up though and plan to semi afk power level cooking for master this weekend so I should have my cp I need by the end of it The other life skills I haven't really touched
  12. Darthaden

    Pearl Items selling and buying in Game items

    Just my own opinion here but selling outfits on the cash shop is the worst way to try to pay 2 win this game now. I made more silver in a hour of gathering than you can sell a costume for.
  13. Darthaden

    Satisfied or rerolling

    Loving witch with the MUCH faster animations. The only thing that's bothering me atm is when I'm out gathering if I hit the Y button at slightly the wrong time I switch to combat stance. Not a huge deal, just annoying
  14. Darthaden

    Latent Auras and Night Vendor

    If they never give me a kzarka I guess they'll never get me to buy any artisan memory, their loss