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    Life Skill Leader Medals

    Agreed! I took 11 days off for launch with the intent of collecting as many as I can for as long as I can hold onto them lol
  2. Darthaden

    Can we get pen please

    Idk I haven't used any exploits and I'm only level 36 and my gear is +8-+11 judging by the two blue rings I'd say he's grinded plenty enough hours to hit +15 unless he's REALLY lucky with those drops
  3. Darthaden

    Can we get pen please

    What no lantern?
  4. Ouch man that sucks. I've gotten the error code a few times and dc a few time but I've at least been able to play for a few hours and have gotten to 30. Hopefully your able to get on this weekend
  5. Darthaden


    You can buy pet food from the stable master
  6. Darthaden

    Banned Names for Family or Character

    Box has first name and family name so you'd still have to come up with character names for all your characters.....and frankly I don't want my gamer tag to be my family name Sonim glad they're doing it this way. Darthaden doesn't work for me for my witch
  7. Darthaden

    Beta Preload is Live!

    Odin from Symphony pointed out there's a small update to the beta on discord. Just log into the beta like your going to play it and it'll download the update if it doesn't automatically.
  8. Darthaden

    For the casual player?

    Yeah I'd say if you do want to maximize your time figure out what you want to do in game as early as possible. Do you want to grind for the few hours you get? DO you plan on being more of a life skills player? If you plan on going the lifeskills route (it's what most casual players end up focusing in on since you won't run into much pvp if any at all) try to figure out what you want to focus your time into making because life skills in bdo are a little more complex than most mmo's. It works much better if you figure out your end goal and work backwards using guides online Example if you choose to make horse gear you'll need a horse gear workshop, you'll need workers to work the shop and to gather some of the mats for you, you'll need lodging for those workers, you'll need beer to feed the workers, you'll need to cook to make the beer, you'll need more workers to gather mats for beer, you'll need a house to cook your beer in, you'll need a tool workshop to make the stoves unless your good with the crap vendor stoves, you'll need to level up your gathering in order to get the stone and logs for the stoves, as well as leather for your horse gear you'll need to level up your processing in order to process it all and that's just to make horse gear without buying anything off the market lol.....and I'm sure I left things out as well already thought of a few things I left out, you'll need to get CP to buy all the buildings and nodes for your workers to gather from, you'll need tools for your gathering, and you'll need the mats to make the tools
  9. Darthaden

    For the casual player?

    as long as your not trying to top the leader boards there's still plenty for a casual player
  10. Darthaden

    Weird but cool

    I'd actually suggest not using the name your hoping to use in beta......unless it's a name you know will be in demand anyway. No reason to give anyone any ideas You can still log in to the menu screen but when you hit A it brings up a pop up saying when beta starts. It'll still say "playing Black Desert (beta)" on your discord if you've linked your xbox though
  11. Darthaden

    Controller with chatpad

    I'll be using this method myself. The chat pad won't work for me the way I like to hold my controller......and with the kind of hours I plan on putting in comfort will be a high priority lol
  12. once we get the mediah patch there will be a lot more level 50+ grinding locations and it will become much easier to find good grind spots that aren't contested
  13. You can flag up and attack anyone who's level 50 or above in non safe zones. If they're not flagged for pvp themselves you'll get a Karma penalty for killing a non combatant. If you want to avoid pvp don't grind in highly contested grind spots that drop rare items like Hexe. If your looking for pvp then grind in these spots, you'll most likely find it.
  14. you could literally play 24/7 and still have things to do but you have to be self motivated in bdo. After you've completed the main quest line and black spirit quest line the game doesn't hold your hand telling you to do x then y then z
  15. Darthaden

    UK stealth price increase - Why?

    and in a few months it'll go on sale for MUCH less than what any of us are paying for it today......and personally I don't care
  16. Darthaden

    Value pack iso node investment

  17. Darthaden

    Value pack iso node investment

    Just use somethinglovely.net for a node map
  18. Darthaden

    Awakening question in final product

    Not at launch
  19. Darthaden

    State of the Pearl Shop

    1. There isn't any alchemy outfit and honestly the cooking outfit won't be needed at launch. Taking 2 seconds off 30 total cooks won't be that helpful. 2. Blessing would be a waste of money at launch. Why bother with increase energy return when you've only got 40 energy? 3.they most likely won't have bundle deals until later down the line. They'll let people who are willing to pay full price pay it before offering discounts
  20. Darthaden

    A Note to Newcomers

    One thing ill add to the life skills section figure out exactly what you want to produce to make money and start working towards a production plan asap as it can be complicated early on. Ill use horse gear as a example in order to produce a light hide saddle you'll need a horse gear workshop brass ingots, soft hide, fine tough hide and black stone powder. In order to get these mats as efficiently as possible you'll need workers, gathering, and processing. In order to craft The ingots you'll need to complete a quest chain. In order to gather the mats you have to gather by hand you'll need to make a tool workshop or buy them on the market. In order to keep all this going you'll either have to make or buy beer to feed your workers. I'd highly suggest looking up how to manager workers, cp, and life skills guides on YouTube as they'll provide MUCH better directions than I can off the top of my head
  21. Darthaden

    NA - Heidel Heroes is Recruiting!

    Nice to see a casual guild for those looking for non hardcore. Pretty sure this is the first one and I'd assume there' going to be plenty of casual players looking come launch after they see the benefits of being in a guild. Good luck with your guild and see you in game.
  22. This is pretty close to what the Pc had at launch...,though the value pack was added later 5k hours played for the free pet
  23. I wouldn't count on the free pet or maid through questing at launch. PC didn't have either at first. At launch the pc had time played rewards that included pets but they took a good amount of time played to get.
  24. Darthaden

    Final BETA Stat Challenge

    You guys can have the honor of being number one in beta, I'll allow that but I'm taking 2 weeks off for launch so good luck then Oh wait I forgot the DR is EU, I'm NA so you have a shot still lol
  25. Darthaden

    Pre order w/o xbox

    yup. You can play on either server but your characters and all pearl shop items will be region locked so if you go from EU to US you'll be starting all over and with just the base game