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  1. We got to have to hide other players Horses and Wagons, that are constantly crowding the cities and stables. Looking for my horse or wagon that has 8 others on top of them is horrible. Also if people come into my house and see my pets. Let them see my maids!
  2. Older classes should have access to the new classes hairstyles and underwear and accessories.
  3. Please while Processing and riding a horse, we should be able to view our Skill Lists and change our crafted clothes. Also getting hit should not nullify the game chat we have typed, before we send it off.
  4. Why not have Flagging up work like other games and have it be the only way to start PvP. Then there will be no need for negative Karma. Players who want PvP will go to Red Battlefield and Arsha servers. Which are never filled, even with incentives. And the Hostility pets not only working in town, will be a problem anymore.
  5. Time after time, the game fails to allow me to enter my houses. The Title doesn't show and sometimes I need to disconnect more than once.
  6. I cannot place Jukeboxes in the Central Market. Can we pick to sell to our Guildmates, the set preorder price picking doesn't work. And with no Guild bank, I'm just wasting time. And disappointing my guildmates
  7. Yeah, console players seem to rather Gank for no reward. Rather than go on an enhanced PvP server with +50% drop rate. And I tried to jump into Red Battlefield, a ghost town. I just don't get PvP flagging, when there's no Passive mode. All we need is a passive mode, so with only Node and Guild Wars being the only PvP source. Red Battlefield will get more traffic.
  8. Region: NA Name: Vodkiya https://twitter.com/DoktavodkaGT/status/1141786398275620864
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