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  1. Agree with a lot of this. I am not color blind, but still have issues with seeing a lot of things clearly and my tv is 60". Text sizes in crafting, player names, general npc chat bubbles, map icons etc., really need an overhaul. It is severly lacking just some basic Qol that isn't difficult to add on xbox. I end up with headaches everyday because of severe eyestrain in this game due to poor UI management and bad lighting.
  2. I keep getting maximum capacity exceeded from the marketplace even though it has tons of open slots. Tried pulling some items out, but won't let me put anything in to list for sale. Tried relogging but it's not helping. Can't sell my stuff. Edit: Lol nvm. Didn't realize numbers in a stack counted as item count. That is really dumb as 5k items is really small amount your making foods and potions.
  3. I keep getting maximum capacity exceeded from the marketplace even though it has tons of open slots. Tried pulling some items out, but won't let me put anything into the storage so I can list to sell. Tried relogging but it's not helping. Can't sell my stuff. );
  4. Yeah I posted about this awhile back. It is driving me nuts and there is no reason why they can't deactivate this notice. I mean surely they don't think we are that ignorant to not know we need to take the quest to advance? Sure flash it for first time running through the quest line, but atleast give us an option to disable it too. Should be in the notifications settings. It can't be that difficult to include it.
  5. Not sure how they are doing this. I am only seeing the max 8,050 price with buying or selling, but no telling how people can figure this stuff out.
  6. I pretty much thought the same thing. It's PA's way of hiding the actual gambling on rng. 😂
  7. I'm a new player but because I did my research before game launch, I too am hoarding a ton of stuff. This really irritates me that they didn't release this stuff yet.
  8. Oh okay good to know. Didn't realize it was a later release, but hopefully will be added down the road.
  9. I can't seem to find any in the pearl store for port ephoria. They have the 1, 4, or 8 slot packages for everywhere else, but PE is not included in any if them. Would really like to open more space in this warehouse. Am I overlooking sonething?
  10. Yeah it's pretty much rng, but make sure your placing high bid as well.
  11. Yeah not sure how this will work. I know we are limited on xbox, but this ring menu can get you killed. It is slow just gets laggy and if you suffer from that few seconds of locking your character in place after exiting any menu well this is a big problem that really needs fixed soon.
  12. Agreed. This failsatack business is just ridiculous. Waste of time, too many resources and money. The chance rate is just terrible. I put off leveling gear until last night. Blew through my saved stones and only got my weapons to +15 and +14. Back to blackstone farming I guess. What's frustrating is when you are failstacking and the black spirit trolls you with a succes on 4% chance with reblath and your trying to go +14. Like what? Too much rng in a system that should have some protection in place. I mean make it so it keeps failing till 15 stones or so at that level.
  13. Yeah mine is the same way. Website still shows I am linked though. Hopefully their higher tech support can figure this out.
  14. My skyhawk finally showed up today. Still having issues with linking the console back to website account though. For some reason it just unlinked itself. Tried numerous times resetting, clearing cache and saved files, but ingame won't let me link. Website shows I am linked though so not sure what the issue is. Sent several tickets in and it was sent to higher tech support.
  15. So apparantly some people on discord got the pet today. Did you get yours? I still have not. Update: After I wrote this it actually showed up in my mailbox. Strange it took so long, but anyway hope yours did too.
  16. Is that the result you got? If so ouch and I'm sorry. That sucks.
  17. This for sure. Wish they would get this stuff in game and quit worrying about pc players "getting an advantage"
  18. Another thing I noticed is they left out quite a few rewards from the golden eggs and the askasha quest for the Life-admiring Tree only required one egg turn in on pc as it was a one time reward per family. Now it requires 40 eggs turn in. Good grief I will never get this many eggs.
  19. Well they originally said after maintenence, but there is none today. Not sure what is going on with this company and information is next to none. Lol
  20. Yeah I been having issues with my account as well, but mine is registered to the black desert xbox site. I even had it linked in game, but it unlinked itself and now can't get it to link back. I get the same message that it's linked to another account. It's crazy because it was linked just fine. Now after many tickets they finally escalated mine but I haven't heard anything back yet.
  21. Right they extended it to the 17th which is today but haven't seen anything about it.
  22. My gearscore sucks lol. Been lifeskilling so much I put off grinding for gear. Now it's going to hurt as trying to grind from 50 onward with only 230 to 240 gs. I just can't get enough blackstones to do fs. Where are people getting so many? The thing is I need to grind in mediah to get silver, asula drops etc., and to help purchase gear off the cm. But there is no way I am going to survive pkers. Kinda frustrated right now as you make absolutely no money below 50 unless you sell everything you own. Been hanging on to my stuff till we get the rest of the content in the game to benefit lifeskills. Right now it's not that great for money making. Just building up my worker empire for now.
  23. I have not accumulated many myself. Seems drops are really scarce at least for me.
  24. Were they not releasing the skyhawk to the rest of the players that had account linking issues? According to the their last update about it, they said april 17th with the extension. Dud anyone get theirs today? I still have not received mine as my ticket about linking has been pushed higher up and still have not heard anything back.
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