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  1. I also submitted a ticket on the website still haven't gotten a message back.
  2. Increase the number of people you can add into your guild. 15 members doesn't feel like enough. When you think of guild 5 of each class in your guild so you can be well prepared for any endeavor.
  3. Family Name : HouseofCouture - Character Name : HeraTheQueen - Date : 11/10/18 10:00 pm - Description : The story mission ( Crossroads Silence, We're Done ) mission will not activate for me the black spirit pops up, but does not give me the dialogue I need to continue to talk to jordine. Instead he says go kill some orcs. When I go to jordine give me a cut- scene that loops over and over again everytime I click on him. I cannot continue questing until the problem is fix. Please help me as soon as possible. My character name in the beta is HeraTheQueen / Family name : HouseofCouture / Guild name : TheRoyalFamily
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