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  1. Why ????? and for xbox ???? patch note 05 june 2019 The graphical effects of the Aad Spectrum Training skill have been improved. The last movement of the Occult Spirit skill: Meteor Shower has been improved. The PvE damage for the Flood Flood skill has been increased as follows: 903% x 23 → 1500% x 23 Blows from the Toxic Flood skill will now have a magical DP reduction effect. The movement speed reduction effect of the Voltaic Pulse skill has been replaced by a Dodge rate reduction effect. Rain damage of torments has been increased as follows: 443% x 12 → 543% x 12 526% x 12 → 722% x 12 608% x 12 → 901% x 12 The cooldown for Flux: Perfect Sign has been removed. The Flux: Perfect Sign skill will now always be performed after Wrathful Wave unless it's locked. The PvE damage for Lightning Storm and Occult Spirit: Lightning Storm has been increased as follows: 504% x 6 → 564% x 6 665% x 6 → 745% x 6 827% x 6 → 926% x 6 The PvE damage for the Wrathful Wave skill when not in cooldown has been increased as follows: 538% x 10 → 646% x 10 600% x 10 → 720% x 10 663% x 10 → 796% x 10 726% x 10 → 871% x 10 PvE's Occult Spirit damage: Heartbreaking Wave has been increased as follows (the number of moves remains unchanged.) 1065% → 1279% 1188% → 1426% 1313% → 1576% 1437% → 1725% The Imbalance and Occult Spirit: Imbalance hits will now have a PA reduction effect. The Imbalance and Occult Spirit: Imbalance hits will now have an effect of increasing the critical strike rate + 50% in PvE. The casting speed of a skill cast after Dodge in Aad Sphere mode has been increased. The number of PvE targets for the Magic Lighthouse skill has been increased from 7 to 10.
  2. And Again error 503 .........
  3. Ceci est la loi de la jungle même si tu es sur un spot pendant des heures et que quelqu'un te défie en duel si tu perds tu dégage par principe sinon tu deviens soit griefer soit karma bombers ils supprimeront jamais le pvp du jeu car c'est un jeu 90 % PvP tu n'auras pas de contenu comme des donjons des raids car la base source même du jeu et le PvP donc ceux qui n'aiment pas le PvP malheureusement ce jeu n'est pas fait pour eux moi personnellement j'aime bien grinde tranquillement si on vient me test je me défends si je perds je dégage
  4. BDO is a PVP GAME not PVE GAME on pc u defending your spot with PVP if u lose change server and try grind other spot wait Valencia on Bandits or Cressents is Perma PVP
  5. Hello guys the maintenance will be what day in the week on PC it's Wednesday but on xbox is when
  6. Hey Bonjour a toi j'attend depuis 1 an et demi la sortie sur Xboite de BDO et ce serais sympas une guilde FR Même si je n'ai pas ni ma Lahn Ni mon Musa je partirais sur mon Zerk en attendant XD Donc pour le coup je serais Up pour une guilde FR
  7. release for 2018 and now 2019 ? ? ? ? ? ITS A JOKE ??????????????????????????? and not awak not realease curently of PC DISGUSTED
  8. disgusted disgusted disgusted disgusted .........................by BDO on XBOX
  9. haha AUGUST ???? no !! is soon maybe april \ may or june for E3
  10. Xbox one X with my LG 📺 55pouce HDR / 4k im so excited 😆
  11. putain PA me les brises la lol , j'ai plus de pc mais une XBOX ONE X et je ne peu plus jouer a BDO😒
  12. And now????!!! GDC is finish !!! launch this game now😍😘 or wait for TERAif you want. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .! news for release maybe...
  13. But if the game works, launch directly and patch if necessary just a portage i want to play (( mode BONOBO ON 🙈🙉🙊🐵 ))
  14. TKT Romeo jsuis comme toi mais bon on auras les news lors de la GDC
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