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  1. I wouldn't mind doing some pvp but I'm guessing I won't have the time available, so I'll be focusing mainly on questing and lifeskill and leveling. I can play an hour or two every other night probably. Is there timezone for this guild? I'm on EST.
  2. Thanks for the tips Greev, hopefully more players as helpful as you are to us newbies. I probably won't have a ton of time to sink into this game, an hour or two every couple of nights probably.
  3. Simon said that there will be a photo mode just no filters, yea!
  4. is there or will yhere be a photo mode or option to hide the ui so we can take nice screenshots? I hope so its a beautiful game.
  5. thanks for the info , I'm trying to find a comparison if u find one let me know. Thanks elm! I see on the preoder trying to see what it would look like on ranger
  6. what did they change or correct on the shudad costume? I just didn't notice so curious.
  7. It's about expectations in a port though people will be expecting the same type of gameplay and design of the game being ported from. Optimizations to the control or texture optimization seems appropriate but still keeping the aesthetics of design the same and feel of the combat the same.
  8. i really don't think it is censorship that would be terrible, it could be texture optimizations for each Xbox console im not sure. i really like all of the options the pearl store has far as costumes, one of the things I'm looking forward to buying. maybe Simon can confirm.
  9. I'm trying to decide between Ranger and Witch... the ranger after awakening almost looks like a close combat character, I need to research more.
  10. I know you are really busy, but I'd love to see a before and after screenshot. I'm anxious for the full release here is a native screenshot I took on my xbox one x during the beta before any contrast fixes.
  11. I'm glad they are doing 4k and 60 fps options on the X, personally I enjoy the 4k so I'll be doing that, then if I play on my OG X1 the frame rate is the similar.
  12. Some things need to be adjusted at the game level, you can't adjust and fix what detail is not there even try as you might with your tv/monitor. It would be like trying to photoshop a photo thats overexposed or blown out, you can only do so much after the fact.
  13. Thanks [CM]Shrina, I'm excited to try it out! Sliders would be nice, but hopefully the modification puts it right in the sweet spot.
  14. before i preorder has there been confirmation that the contrast issue has been fixed from the beta? with the game either being too dark or too bright it made it unenjoyable to look at. thanks!
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