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  1. anyone know this answer? what is the 3rd slot of 4 for?
  2. thannk you, now my 2nd question what is the 4 accessories I can put on ship / I know there is cargo, prow and decoration but can't figure out what goes in the other slot
  3. Please tell me how to make my boat look like this , where the wheel is on top of this deck, how do i equip this deck on a fishing boat?
  4. Find a lucky zarka toon that is how it works. Got three zarkas on a 53 wiz 145 ap got nothing on my main 59 character 210 ap
  5. I've provided you help but you just can't see it, i will no longer respond to any questions you may ask, nothing more needs to be said because I know you would be unable to understand even what i'm saying now.
  6. kunser


    Does it help with Farming? More seeds or more harvest?
  7. Because you are too lazy to do it yourself, if bheg spawns move to his location on map, press "X" and it is on your map and you get that fancy trail to the boss you want, and it is highlighted with a white light to the sky. As I stated this was already brought up with the PC version on the game and no body wants this to auto blink on the map, it's not for everyone dude. And long ago it was decided to be what it is currently. This will never change to what you want, you are the minority here.
  8. LOL, spelled out exactly what you were asking and you still don't get it. You do the same thing with any quest you want a trail to but you can't do this. you can even mark each freaking boss on the map with customer markers, with RT1, RT2, RT3 which quickly scrolls to where you need to go on the map and places the route there for you, this is so convenient and not on the PC version. It's already in the game you just don't use it and I'm telling you how to do it, but you can't take the time to LEARN a simple mechanic of the game, it's because of this I don't think this game is for you because there are a lot of more difficult things to understand with this game no matter which version you are playing. ON a side note, on the PC version no one knew where the bosses really spawned at first and it wasn't on the map with any bookmarking features. it took over 2 years for them to add Leveling areas w/ #ranges and add the bosses came months after that even. You've had access to this day one even before they were released to even do so. And this was a complaint PC players had made for 2 years, do you see why I don't take your complaint as legit, because it has already been address and you are too full or yourself that you can't read instructions. What you also want is for people who don't do bosses to now get any annoying flashing on their screen that a boss has spawned, i don't want that feature.
  9. This is in game and always has been, it was not recently patched to work, and was here day one. My personal rant with OP: OMG you are not getting what everyone has already told you. and the PC version behaves the same exact way. So let me spell it out so a 3rd grader can follow because they can read at this age. Open up your map, (it's easy you must have done this 100 time already). On the top middle right of the map it tells you to press and hold the "Y' button and then dpad left or right. This changes what kind of map you see. OMG did you see there are tons of different types of maps, great now you learned something. Move it so you can see on the map BOSS spawn locations. Now that BHEG has spawned all you have to do is press X on the BOSS location and you get your pretty hand held trail Bonus information: open map and press Dpad up or Down and you can options to go to a trader, a stable a repair guy etc... and get a pretty trail to them when you press RT. Bonus FYI: This game is not going to hold your hand, so deal with it or move on. You are just lazy and don't pay attention to what you are doing. You have probably looked at this map over 50 to 100 times now and missed it. This says alot more about your attention to detail then anything else. The reason I'm blasting you is because everyone has already told you this was in game but I had to waste my time explaining it to someone like you, but don't worry someone else who is just like you is reading this and now knows how to do what you originally asked. So it seems pretty clear PA handled this just fine, unlike what you posted.
  10. Or just less people show up. I preferred it to a random time he could spawn. This allowed less people to show up. Now if u have an alt with sticks and rocks u can be there and throw them and maybe u get some crumbs. Ever since this change Kazarka has been overcrowded
  11. U have to Google it. U r very fresh
  12. I only get one chance other time I'm working in NA.
  13. what version you on? Can't tell if I already updated, mine says last update 3/13.
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