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  1. I've noticed some bugs with workshops and recognizing items in storage. For instance, if my character is in Alta Nova and I want to use my costume mill in Calpheon from the world map I go to manage crafting, select a costume, and it will show that I have 0 of the materials in my storage and not allow me to produce them. Sometimes it won't even show me the list of costumes to produce and say "not enough materials in storage" (or whatever that message is, I'm not near my xbox at the moment). Usually switching to my alt in Calpheon fixes the issue but a few times that hasn't worked either. This happens when I'm in another area trying to craft things in Alta Nova as well and applies to armor workshops also. And bring the marketplace search function back please! Thanks, you guys have a dope game
  2. Yep I have the same issue. Still going to play the heck out of this game but I don't understand why they can't add a screen sizing option when you first boot up (Like what's in nearly every other xbox game)
  3. Going to get a Sorc to 50 as I've heard it's a solid overall class into late game. Planning on switching to a Striker main when it drops. Going to work on my node empire and developing alts along the way. Already have a notebook started with plans 😋
  4. Started off on Runescape back in the day. I played ESO on Xbox for 3+ years, stopped playing about 6 months ago because I was fed up with the direction PvP was going. A lot of the friends I met through ESO are moving over to BDX on early release and we're starting a guild so it should be a good time! Excited for both the combat style and the depth of life skills, economy, etc.
  5. Title. I have my [Beta Event] Ultimate Item Package (Pre-Order) sitting in my inventory. The thing with the pearls, costume, etc for pre-order. I'm waiting to open it because I'm afraid that it will not carry over when full launch drops. Can anyone confirm if it will or will not? (CMs?)
  6. I have the same issue. It is not an Xbox display issue, it is not an issue with my TVs aspect ratio. Every other game I have is fine. Most have a little adjustment to do on start up and then you're good to go, I don't know why it hasn't been addressed yet
  7. Mouse and key board would kill the xbox version. The combat works great on controller and actually having thumbs is what makes this version awesome. Keyboard for typing, menu, market place and all that fine but leave it out of combat
  8. I've noticed a couple bugs while in Heidel. I just breezed through the bug section and haven't seen them posted yet. - My storage access will bug out on my first created character. When I try to deposit or withdraw it says "invalid value", or "memory data is invalid", or some message similar. This happens at both the storage vendor and the storage box in my house. I have to log onto a new character then log back onto my main, storage will work for a few minutes and then the bug happens again. Storage seems to be working fine on my second character. This bug also affects crafting with workers inside of Heidel saying invalid supplies in storage - Another small bug I noticed, might just be a beta thing. I originally had a residence slotted as a woodworkers bench then switched it to a mineral workbench and the star stayed on the woodworking slot but it allows me to craft as a mineral work bench
  9. Same issue for me. I'm sure they will add more UI options on release
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