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  1. Both of those games are straight up awful, ESO literally has nothing of essence. You're just doing random **** for random people and none of it affects anything or anyone. Tera is just... Lackluster in every aspect: you're stationary during combat, the story is just...seriously what the f*** It's literally worse than a point and click adventure game (which it basically is anyway) not mention the Devs for Tera haven't made the game available to purchase from the Australian Xbox store. You'd have to be pretty dense to forget about one of the largest countries on Earth but hey; @[CM] Simon please assure me that BDO is being released on the Australian Xbox store when the game is released?
  2. Why don't Simon or the other two CM's give us little breadcrumbs of hope? They never post anything or even reply to anything on here anymore. It's literally part of their job to be on these forums and they don't say or do anything. Literally if they just talked to us about random **** - it would seriously stop so much of the angst the majority of BDO'S playerbase has right now.
  3. Depends on what I feel like doing, PUBG is definitely meant for serious/sweaty tactical play, where as Fortnite is more of your, instant action, arcade style, run and gun, build and defend game. Honestly, both are awesome games but I'm not a fan of the skins system in Fortnite.
  4. 49 minutes ago, TopcowRaven said: Literally, this concept would yield the most incomprehensible and unfair gaming system - How anyone thinks this is ever an option is beyond me. That would be - for lack of a better word - retarded and incredibly one sided. That's why NO ONE in the right mind would ever allow it, imagine an fps where controllers verse mouse's. Stupid.
  5. Count me in m80, GT: AbortVegans Keen as a bean.
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