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  1. Me too. There is a charm to the streams because they are not overly fancy. Even audio or visual difficulties add some fun little gems to remember fondly.
  2. I will be asleep when the game goes live, but wish it wasn’t so. I’m probably going to have that dream again where I’ve become my true self. I’m a witch and I’m elegantly bathing in pearls.
  3. Song: Roar Artist: Katy Perry Class: Witch (but the song is great for any female class in the game since all of them are very strong and capable females)
  4. I did it from the map in the final BETA. In the lower right of the map it tells you what to press to make the path loop. It may have been LT+X but it will say on the map screen.
  5. I like what Hieraphant said. The grinding feels good at times too. That feeling of progressing. Getting better at something. Love leveling fishing. You could go on a fishing trip with a friend:) Get a boat. You do notice your fishing improve in my opinion as you level it. So it’s not just something you do to watch the bar move. You get better at spotting fish jumping. So you have opportunities to fish in different types of hot spots that at low fishing level you don’t see so sail right by it.
  6. Vases of flowers are available too. I believe you acquire these from harvesting certain crops if you farm, but I’m sure they will appear on the Central Market for sale.
  7. Weight and inventory is character bound too.
  8. Witch was very easy to pick up on. I’d heard it would be. I did witch in the final open BETA and enjoyed it a lot. Most of my PVE was spamming magic missile to attract monsters and fireball followed by a fire explosion ability. If the monsters were weak against me the magic missile would one shot them. I probably missed out on lightening skills or ice based skills I could have used. There were so many skills I can’t wait to get in game and start trying the other offensive abilities. There may have been combos I should have leveraged too .But just with the very basic attacks I did get in to the habit of using it felt good. At level 33 I stopped killing mobs and did life skills and menu familiarization. The most satisfying part of the PVE combat was getting s big pack of monsters close together and then hitting them all at once and watching them fall like grass being cut. And watching my exp numbers go up quick from killing a pack was super satisfying. I know that exp slows down at higher levels and without bonus exp scrolls but it felt so good...had to mention it.
  9. Darn, I didn’t see this in time. Sorry.
  10. How do I get to the search field to type in an NPC name? I feel like it’s in the map menu, but in maps I was only able to find a way to select an NPC category like blacksmith or trade manager and get an auto path to the nearest one.
  11. What made the final open BETA so good in my opinion. 1. The graphics were beautiful and ported over from PC perfectly! I have the Xbox One X. I don't even think I turned on 4 K during BETA. Love love loved the visual quality. 2. The integration of the controller felt good to me. Combat. Gathering. Cooking. Fishing. Questing. Beauty shop. Dye system. Housing.Central Market. 3. Away from Keyboard support! Tested it several times and never once was booted from the game for inactivity. 4. The fireworks event in the evening the last day! I had no idea it would be so epic. It felt surreal. I'd never really been to the arena so that alone made it a bit of an adventure for me. It's funny I've ran right by the arena countless times and never stopped or noticed it until the event. Found it easily by the mass of player dots on my mini map. 5. The ultimate package made available during BETA. I smashed my pets together a few hours before the end of the BETA no luck getting a tier 3. Dyed the costume in the package with a few touches of pink for a really cool look. 6. Photo mode support!!! It needs some additional features or tweaks in my opinion, but even if they don't improve it's functionality I can still get some amazing recordings and stills. 7. I didn't have a single connectivity issue. I had a little lag in the city on the final day but it was not enough or constant enough to ruin my enjoyment. Later, during the fireworks when there were 20 to 50 players and lanterns and fireworks and player versus player all going on at once, my game experience didn't grind to a turtles pace. I'm sure it must have slowed or dropped some pixels but where ever it was doing this I was amazed at how well hidden it was. 8. I love fishing...just wanted to say that. 9. Last but not least what made it so good was you...every one of you breathing life in to the NA server. Your style. Your uniqueness.
  12. Great suggestion. I would have loved to use the photo mode to record my avatar walking elegantly.
  13. The photo mode in the second and final open BETA was a great addition! The issue I had was that pushing any buttons would end the photo mode. I couldn’t keep it active long if I wanted to perform actions to record in photo mode. Some ideas to prevent this. First suggested resolution. Button map photo mode to turn off only if you press start. This way you can record more dynamic and interesting videos of you avatar but still turn it off instantly if you need to. In game xample of benefit: You could go from a gallop to hopping off your horse and in to another action or emote without getting kicked out of Photo Mode instantly when you dismount your horse. Second suggested resolution would be to have the ability to set Photo Mode on a timer the player sets, so that it stays on for a set amount of time before turning off automatically. But while it’s active you can press any buttons or perform any actions without abruptly getting kicked out of Photo Mode.
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