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  1. Cookiesnmilk

    For the casual player?

    I enjoyed it on PC and considered myself casual.
  2. Cookiesnmilk

    Xbox one x 60 fps?

    I was super excited to hear there will be a 60 FPS option for Xbox One X owners Even with frame drops in crowded areas I’m still excited. 60 FPS feels better to my brain. Way better. 30 FPS makes me ill sometimes. I don’t mind taking a resolution drop for the faster frame rate. I hope that players that don’t have the X are offered an option to sacrifice graphics and resolution to obtain similar frame rates as the X. That way the player has the power to choose their preference.
  3. Cookiesnmilk

    PC Vets - What is there to do in Black Desert?

    Other things to do in Black Desert. Furnish a home. Acquire antiquities for it. Create unique family members. Dress your family in unique combinations of cosmetic outfits. Dye the outfits uniquely. Acquire unusual mounts like the miniature elephant. Acquire extremely rare horses. Acquire player titles from the serious to the ridiculous. Walk through town. I think you can even create unique poses in the character creator but I didn't dive in to that. It's a beautiful game. I played it but not very far on PC. Loved it. Can't wait to explore it more deeply from a couch.
  4. Cookiesnmilk

    What Server Are you playing on

    NA. Did see a guild mentioning they were shooting to have an even mix of players from EU and NA in their NA server guild. The idea was that they would have more guildies on at times when a pure NA player base guild might be all offline. I thought that was a brilliant way to avoid hopping on only to find you are the only one in your guild online because it’s 5 or 6 am where you are.
  5. Cookiesnmilk

    LFG Adults ( 21+ ) PVE & PVP

    Looking for adults only guild. With 21 years and up enforced. Mature. Respectful. Happy to go witch. Want to do PVE and PVP. I played BDO but only did solo PVE and fishing. Avoided guilds and PVP and empire building. So I missed out on a lot I realize now. My gear was garbage too. One of my favorite things was obtaining the miniature elephant mount. I also loved making my Tamer look good so a bit of a pixel junkie. I’m a sucker for this sort of thing. Currently playing a lot of Overwatch and use MIC. Over there most players guess I’m in my 20s or 30s. Never been banned or kicked. ETC.
  6. Cookiesnmilk

    Family Photo Mode

    Family Photo Mode allows you to get your entire family together for photos. This mode is not available while you are in the game but rather is accessible from the character select screen. Once you select Family Photo Mode you will be given several locations to choose from for the background. Once the location has been chosen preloaded poses for your family Photo will appear. There will be several other preloaded family poses to choose from. You may be able to reposition family members. Some locations for family photos or special family poses may require an quest, achievement, loyalty, or pearls. Very unique props would be nice.
  7. Cookiesnmilk

    For new people undecisive on classes in general

    The Tamer is a beautiful creature. Played her on PC. The Heilang mount is unique to her class and takes zero fall damage nor do you when mounted. Even from ridiculous heights. It’s been a while since I have played so they may have changed that mechanic.
  8. Cookiesnmilk

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Any time resources are very limited there will be conflict. There is no right way to deal with this. I did watch two BDO players form a party and grind a rotation today on Mixer. I asked the warrior how it impacted their experience. I was told that while the per kill experience was lower, that their kill rate per person was higher than it would have been solo so they would get more experience overall from forming a party of two. They were level 60 and 58 witch and warrior. The warrior was coming back to the game after a long break and was super surprised to learn the witch was able to heal him.
  9. Cookiesnmilk


    I am still hoping the console version will preserve most of the sexy attire that the PC version of the game has. It will break my heart if the female classes have less revealing attire on console. Graphically the PC version really pushes the pixels on your class appearance...so it was rewarding on PC to create sexy characters and see what others came up with on their main. Sexy and revealing options is what made the grind and the game world alluring to me. That is the beauty of Black Desert Online to me. That and fishing. And getting a miniature elephant mount and a few other cute things.
  10. Cookiesnmilk

    Can’t wait to shop for costumes

    Can’t wait to shop for costumes! Dye them. Mix and match pieces from different sets. Planning on paying cash for two outfits. Already have the first with my pre order. Black Desert I support you!
  11. Cookiesnmilk

    A check mark for selecting 4K option

    A check mark box when selecting whether 1080P or 4K is enabled please on the xBox One X. During BETA I wasn’t really able to notice a difference visually between the two resolutions offered so I definitely will go with 1080P for higher frame rates. Character models looked good regardless of which mode I selected. I was left feeling like the click yes button that was in BETA was confusing about whether it meant yes 4K or yes 1080P. I’d follow the instructions and reboot but everything looked the same on my 4K TV.
  12. Cookiesnmilk

    Beauty album

    Posted in error
  13. Cookiesnmilk

    Beauty album

    I thought physical appearance changes made with a value pack like body shape, hair, eye color would remain even after the value pack expires. I thought it was the dyes applied during the value pack that vanish. Anyone know for sure if I’m correct?
  14. Why was witch the rarest class to roll during BETA? Inquiring minds want to know your opinions...or at least the 9% that rolled witch during BETA might be curious. I'm one of those witches. Kind of excited that so few rolled a witch during BETA. It's a good indicator that if I roll witch when the game launches that I will have a unique main character.
  15. Cookiesnmilk

    Hide UI not in beta?

    During beta did anyone find a hide UI feature for taking pics and video?I found the free look feature when sitting and leaning on thing in game but never found a way to hide UI.