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  1. There's no way this is intended. The chance to succeed was a 0%, and the goal was to fail. This happened twice now and I've recorded both if need be.
  2. I do actually. Serazad Liam Zishuka Yan Those are the four we have. I've got all the character knowledge on Xbox, so if you need help, let me know.
  3. Never mind, false alarm. I had to use a third character and choose the first path. There should be some way to find out what quests you'll miss and have access to
  4. Disclaimer: I'll likely write another of these in regards to armor, but for now this one is about the Manos accessories. The biggest issue I have with this game, and what will inevitably stop me from playing it in the long run is that the end game boils down to a few builds, rendering 90% of the game's accessories and armor sets completely useless. I understand that Talis, Kalis, Hesus, Yuria, Elisha, and Bares aren't supposed to be late game viable, but Manos is too expensive and too rare not to be. My recommendations would allow full counter play builds to exist in the same sense that you can run EVA to counter AP and ACC to counter EVA, etc. These are good base for having counters, but when that's all there is, you don't really have to build around possibilities, you're just building for the most likely type of player you'll find. First Step -Make Manos accessories much easier to come by. Their trade numbers are only in the hundreds whereas other items are in the tens of thousands. -Remove the White, Green, and Blue versions of the Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz/Emerald/Diamond necklaces. Their trade numbers are in the teens to mid tens (Sub 100) and the game has been out for months now. No one uses these because they're trash and can't be used in any builds. Second Step -Remove the PvP cap on resistances. Due to how the game already works, the only way to hit 100% resistance on a single CC is to sacrifice stats elsewhere, be that in other resistances or additional stats. This sacrifice should be the only limitation in what you can and can't achieve. There is NO REASON whatsoever that you can't fully avoid being grabbed if that means you're more vulnerable to stiffness, stun, freeze, knockdown, and knockback. The same could be said for every other option. Third Step -Drop the price of all Manos Necklaces by half. -Increase the HP/SP/Stam gained from Manos Earrings by 25 per enhancement level, and by 50 at PEN. (PEN would grant 200 total) -Add an amount of 5 AP/DP to the Manos Rings. Increase this by 1 per enhancement level. (PEN would grant 10AP/10DP)
  5. I don't know if this intentional or not, but character knowledge is currently unable to go past 93%. Every tab is blued out and there are no more question marks. I'm guessing this is just until they add the rest of the NPCs to the game? If that's the case though, why does Topography not have the same situation?
  6. In the controls section, we don't have enough choices. We aren't able to key anything other than the major options. We can't Walk, Trigger Escape, Rage, and things can't be keyed to the D--Pad, Right Stick Button or Left Stick Button (R3, L3) We aren't able to adjust our Camera settings for things like HUD zoom, camera position, Screen Shake, Motion Blur, or any of those things. I may log on to the game on PC for a moment just to get a reminder of what all options are needed versus not necessary, but there are definitely a lot that should be here.
  7. First off, let me state that I own this game on PC as well and I played a Musa up until level 30 or so on there. So I've spent roughly the same amount of time on here as I did on PC. I'll be breaking down my feedback into sections for ease of access or for people looking for specific parts that interest them. Controls So, I'm not heavily bothered by what the controls are set to. I am however bothered by the lack of options in comparison to the PC. I found no way to Walk, the lock-on seemed a bit strange at times as my camera would spin, and while I recall there being certain actions to interact with the environment (like sitting on a ledge or leaning against a wall) I couldn't figure out at all how to do so on console. Lastly, while these would make for fine default controls, there definitely needs to be controller mapping, as using triggers vs face buttons is an important detail when it comes to player preference. Interface/Menu Layout Having the UI on the side of the screen at all times is a bit of a pain as the screen is really crowded, especially when the map covers one corner, controls cover another, health on the third, and chat on the last. The hotkeys for the D-Pad take up the bottom and so the only real space on screens is the middle up. There desperately needs to be an option to toggle each individual section off/change transparency to completely invisible. This also interferes with enjoying the look of the world and characters as you have to basically get them within a small camera frame. Another small issue that should be addressed is the option to show/hide title, family name, and character names. It's odd that you have to see all the information about a player without interacting with them. Lastly, when in a party, it is especially intrusive. You should not be forced to see your own health bar TWICE on screen. The party setup should show Myself (where my health normally is) and then my partners below. The Mount options would be better off near the D-pad menu in my opinion. The Menu (when you press the Menu button) is in what seems to be no particular order. Sorting the boxes by relevancy would make it more accessible and less confusing to look at. My solution is below: Skill/Inventory/Pet/Mail/Edit RingMenu (Item Based) Quest/World Map/Knowledge/Escape/Profile (Quest or World Based) Friends/Party Settings/Party Recruitment/Red Battlefield/Guild (Matchmaking Based) Settings/Policy/Beauty/Pearl Shop/Disconnect (Miscellaneous) Parties/Communication When you pull up the party controls in the Ring Menu you get a solid view of what the party option should contain by default. Looking at the Start Menu, there's space for another Box. This should contain the Party option found when "Party Settings" in the menu. It's easier to access, convenient, and doesn't require setting up or hotkeys for anything. More than likely, that space is reserved for the Pearl Shop and that's fine. Remove the "Black Spirit" option, as that is automatically set to Down on the D-Pad. We don't need two ways to access it when it only does one thing. For communication, the chat on the side is intrusive. The screen gets flooded within 5 minutes of playing and it would be nice to not have to worry about that by default. Change the default setting to "Party Only." Then allow us to change our channel to any of the others. Inventory The inventory for equipping gear looks disorganized when being compared to PC. I personally enjoyed the circular wheel with the icons that state what type of item goes where. If you look now over your armor or accessory slots, there's no indication of what goes where. Skill Menu You can't see how many skill points it takes to learn a skill, and it's difficult to know what you CAN learn because all the skills say "Learn" or "Learnable" which means the same thing seeing as how Learnable skills would mean that you can learn the skill, while saying "Learn" the skill means that you can learn the skill. Change the terminology from "Learnable"/"Learn" to "Known"/"Learn" My Information There's currently no way to know what the "Fitness" stats are, or what the "Contribution," "Energy," "Karma" stats mean. The fame stats are unknown, and there's currently no way to change the picture of our character from what I know.) Graphics Screen shake, motion blur, brightness, ally effects (like lanterns, etc) should be visible but with a toggle option Classes Please PLEASE do not let this game launch with only 6 classes. I know it stated that in the beta, we would be limited to the 6 that the game started with. One of the huge drawbacks of playing a game this late into the life when it gets on console is seeing just how far ahead PC gamers are in terms of content. I remember it happening with Phantasy Star Universe and it felt terrible seeing how far behind we were. Other than that, I have nothing negative to say, as the game plays great and is fun as expected.
  8. I'd like the option to be able to turn off the chatbox.
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