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  1. imaxbeastx360

    support submit a ticket/ signing up

    every time i go to sign up to submit a ticket it sends me to a error screen and says return to home when i click continue to verify email HELLLPPPPP
  2. imaxbeastx360

    [Crossroads] the lamenting head of the league of merchants

    thanks numnutz2005 still cant figure out how to accept my other quest wish there was more GM on here reading things like this
  3. imaxbeastx360

    The Young Lion of Heidel ( Quest-Line )

    ok CM simon but how can we tell what the next quest is that we have chosen like mine says Unaccepted: Unrel... to get started, check quest menu right under the mini map id really like to get past this
  4. imaxbeastx360

    [Crossroads] the lamenting head of the league of merchants

    yea idk whats going on do u have any amity on isobelle thats what someone told me yesterday i need more amity
  5. can some explain to me how i get the mission started ive been stuck for 5 hrs giving her amity she at 100 but still does not do anything for me
  6. the quest tells me to talk to isobelle all she says is (heidel doesnt keep thier promises they lie a lot... what about you i also have 97 amity on her and im stucks been stuck for about 5 hrs. my black spirit says focus on fogans or visit monastery and gain experience fight the cultists PLEASE HELP???????????