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  1. NothingnessKing

    AFK Energy Saver Mode

    Umm....dude I think you should calm down...abit cause i've had my xbox on....since the day I got it not to mention I have all three versions of the xbox one....and my original hasnt burn out yet....on every single day still plays just fine...
  2. NothingnessKing

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Until you see those blurred photos of aliens and big foot lol
  3. NothingnessKing

    Beta Recap

    I hope they dont turn on pets or change buffs....pets would be annoying to see a bunch in one place knowing everyone wold have one and some buffs would kinda be too much bread n butter being able to last longer.... and for the part options n etc you had to make ring menus it was actually fairly simple to do
  4. NothingnessKing

    BDX is a meme

    What would kill me is if Simon just popped up in these forum and sees all the Simon memes lol then comments on all of them
  5. NothingnessKing

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Then I stand corrected but yeah its not like Im not aware how strong the classes are most people can simply look up a video of how classes perform in pvp and simply watch and get a feel for the game that way as long as said person is wearing decent-end game gear and knows what they are doing. I've watched alot of videos and I've been mapping out my spots that i'd like to go to. May only problem with the game so far is how long is the wait gonna be for the launch, not gonna like Im having BDO withdraws and that was just the Beta.
  6. NothingnessKing

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Simon was hilarious and even gave our server bonus time on a couple of events such as hide n seek we got like 2-5 more turns of hide n seek lol and we got more time on Whoa Horsey but I think that was due to people not getting the horse rewards or something like that, sadly i was one of those lol
  7. NothingnessKing

    Beta Recap

    Lmfao how did I know the Kzarka was a stress test called it ! But it was amazing i hope we get more CM time from Simon he's my favorite CM but i hope we get more GM feedback on release dates and much more....hopefully you guys will give us more surveys that could widen the scope or close the scope on what he'd like to see more of, you wouldnt have to tell us directly but we could show you guys what's the community most interested in so you can invest more time into those areas. Feel free to use us as test subjects ❤️
  8. NothingnessKing

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    I wasnt confused I was his state he had drops from Serenia shrine that's why he stats were so high and he rolled most of his stuff to 15+ only thing he didnt get +15 exactly were like 2 jewels and I was talking about relative beta "powerhouse" . You can say Balenos was "where...." was however if you werent on most servers then that's a one sided view....and I think you're confused "should end up like that on pc as well" ...pc already has the game and its been out for awhile for them....and my guild is making the server its home which is why I made this post to gather members if you havent noticed the other comments~
  9. NothingnessKing

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    I experienced pvp on the very last day I was decently powerful but one of my squad mates had like 130 ap and 170 dp, he was tanky as hell with alot of damage for a warrior lol there was a couple of power houses
  10. NothingnessKing

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Go ahead go crazy lol you and your husband can join us if you like
  11. NothingnessKing

    PVE content

    From what I know the main game is pve and end game is pvp to get really good gear and stuff....but idk about pve if anyone knows please update me
  12. NothingnessKing

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Regardless of how things are, Im still gonna call Kamasylvia home and that's where the guild Im molding is pretty much based at lol things have gotten interesting in the crafting part and the pvp is where its gonna show who is gonna be doing what in what areas due to having the territories for exp farming
  13. NothingnessKing

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Xbox Kamasylvia server is where its at for us lol
  14. NothingnessKing

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Red Nose is funny I died twice fighting him and then just spamme him until I killed him lol
  15. NothingnessKing

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Preach I hate social media I prefer to be out of that loop