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  1. I suppose it's too much to hope that "new content," means Musa? LOL. Ah well... I'll just keep grinding money and class agnostic items :) Take care, Rokal DeVanguard nOoB Extraordinaire
  2. Hail and well met, all, So, how do nodes make you money? Do they make passive money, or just gather items for you to either sell raw, or process/craft and then sell the processed or crafted item? Also, let’s say to start with I have my first node near Velia, and set my worker(s) to gather potatoes or chickens, both of which I’ve read can make either beer or grilled meat, which can then be used to restore stamina to workers. So… uh… do they gather more than they’ll need to take in to keep working? Or do they only gather enough to make just enough beer/meat to keep working… and if so, then what’s the point? Are all these workers just gathering stuff, which I then have to sell on the market, (or maybe to NPC vendor)? I’ve been doing research on how to set up nodes, get workers, feed them, etc… but I’ve yet to find the specific answers to these questions. I just keep reading about “make passive income with your node empire,” and things like this. This implies to me that there is someway to actually have your nodes make you money directly without any “interference” from me. Thanks for your time and help with this. Take care, Rokal DeVanguard nOoB Extraordinaire
  3. Hail and well met, all, Piggybacking on my other thread titled "Killing Time," where I mentioned that I'm really currently playing to learn the game while I wait for Musa... what would you say I should focus on to prep for, and gather items for, an incoming character? So far I've only gotten into AFK fishing to get money... but what else? Cook up a bunch of food? Set up a node empire so to speak? What would you do if most of what you wanted to do was to be able to set up your new character for an easier life? Don't get me wrong... I'm enjoying exploring and combat with my Wizard and Warrior, but I really want to prep for my someday Musa to enter the world with a silver spoon in his mouth. Thanks for any insight and advice you can give. Take care, Rokal DeVanguard NoOb Extraordinaire
  4. Rokal


    Hail and well met, all, Been reading around on the web regarding alts, and it seems like... and this is what I'm trying to confirm or deny, that... 1) You can have each alt doing something in AFK mode at the same time; say 1 fishing, 1 training strength, 1 training breath, 1 farming/processing etc... as long as they are at least lvl 4, and you've bounced between them without going to the character screen to switch. 2) Along the same lines as the above... I can have my 5 alts doing something in "AFK Mode" and actively play/quest/grind on the 6th? 3) While they all share the same energy cap, 36 for me right now, they all have their own pool to pull from. So if one is currently at 30 of 36 after a bit of some energy consuming activity, when I swap to the others, they'll be at 36/36 assuming they've done nothing recently to consume energy? Is this all correct regarding alt use? If 1 & 2 are correct... I've been sticking in the fan big time by not capitalizing on that, lol. Anything else I may have wrong about alts, or should know about? Thank you for your time and help. Take care, Rokal DeVanguard nOoB Extraordinaire
  5. Rokal

    No Shield Throw?

    Thank you However, according to online sources, Shield Throw 1 comes at lvl 12, plus you can see all of the skills that will come at higher levels in the skill tree. So, I'm guessing that, sadly, it's no longer available. Gonna ask on the PC forums to see.
  6. Rokal

    No Shield Throw?

    Hail and well met, all, I've found information online about an ability Warriors are supposed to get starting at lvl 12, Shield Throw... I'm guessing this is outdated? At a whopping lvl 22 now, lol, and don't see any such ability in either my learn or already have skill lists. Am I missing something, or do Warriors no longer have the Shield Throw ability? Thanks for any insight you may have. Take care, Rokal DeVanguard NoOb Extraordinaire
  7. Hail and well met, folks, Anybody else feel like they're just killing time, or "prepping" for their desired class to be introduced to BDX? I had played about every class to only lvl 18 - 22 on PC, and my absolute favorite was the Musa. I couldn't care less about min/max, efficiency, the meta, or whatever. As a long time Martial Artist, well trained in Iaido, this class, with his sword attacks and kicks, (useful to use or not, I loved the fluid animation and flow), really spoke to me. I enjoyed the eye candy and boom boom of the Wizard, and the quintessential plate, sword and board Warrior... and I genuinely enjoy playing both... Warrior more so than the Wizard if you can believe that, lol. Having said that, I'm really only playing them to gather resources, money, etc for my hopefully soon to be created, Musa. I'm saving all items, black stones, character bound pre-order items, etc for him Anyone else just playing, killing time, gathering/hoarding things for another class? Just curious. Don't get me wrong, I'm having a great time... I just can't get all the "in to" my existing characters. Take care, Rokal DeVanguard nOoB Extraordinaire
  8. Anyone else trying to do AFK activities, coming back after a few hours, only to find a message saying they were disconnected from Xbox Live service due to timeout? I've been going back to the homescreen, where it says resume, and when I do, even like an hour later, I'm still trudging along with my trade pack. But overnight, or about 2 hrs, I come back to the disconnected message. Do I need to keep the game "maximized" so to speak? Or is there some Xbox setting I'm missing? My Xbox is not turning off; it's set to not turn off automatically. Any help is greatly appreciated. Take care, Rokal DeVanguard NoOb Extraordinaire
  9. It does, thank you... now I gotta wait til Sunday to try that <taps foot impatiently>
  10. Hail and well met, all, Is there a way to load an ability on a Quick Slot? I saw in Beta how to put an ability on the D ring, but I'd still have to hit that directional button, then thumb stick to that ability on the Ring Menu, THEN it would cast. Is there a way to set, say Fireball, ss a one button click? From what I've read, hotkeying an ability makes it weaker than the pull left thumb stick back and push whatever button... I don't care, I want ease of use, lol. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Take care, Rokal Proud member of Nuttin' Yet, but looking NoOb Extraordinaire
  11. Thank you all. I've read in other threads where vets have told noobs like myself "Figure out where you want to end up, then work backwards from there figuring out what you need along the way, to figure out where to begin." So I didn't know if, wanting to end up mainly as a farmer/gatherer/trader, where I should focus my time and efforts... did that make sense, lol? On another note, I'm guessing the Deluxe and Ultimate packs are a waste of money for the type of player I am? I'm experienced enough to know that day 1 early access will be a complete boondoggle; people won't be able to log in, queues, server crash, multiple emergency patches during the day, and even when folks can actually play... getting quest kills etc will be an exercise in futility as a bajillion players try to kill the poor lil' mobs as they spawn, lol. So, playing early isn't a huge incentive to me but I wonder if the rest of the packs are worth it. Don't care about costumes, I've read you outgrow even tier 5 horse pretty early... so I'm thinking not. Thanks again for the info. Take care, Rokal Proud member of Nuttin' Yet But Looking nOoB Extraordinaire
  12. Hail and well met, all, I was hoping someone could help give me some pointers on where to at least begin my journey and maybe a mini roadmap of sorts. So... not into PvP at all... addressed in another thread of mine. Filthy casual to the extreme, like about 10 hrs per week on a good week. Not interested in min/max, I enjoy the journey, I'm not in a rush, (which considering 10'ish hrs per week is a good thing, lol). I feel no need to be the best or get "World Firsts." I enjoy exploring, gathering, crafting a bit, but I prefer to gather/farm for others. Of course given the beautiful visuals, I enjoy killing mobs too. I'd really like to set up a farm. In Archeage I 100% loved being able to grow plants, lumber, animals, animal bits, etc to give to friends and guildies because it allowed me to contribute, help, feel a part of, and just plain gave me some purpose, that my far more casual hours allowed. One concern that I have is that only getting the standard pk, thus starting Sunday, and obviously taking time to get stuff in order... would I even be able to set up a farm or something of that sort... or would all the viable land be gone, (like can happen in Archeage for those who know that game.) I also really enjoyed trade runs as a relaxing bit of play that allowed me to chat with friends/guildies in game... or my wife/son out of game... but still get something accomplished. I Iike to follow quests, and the whole knowledge system sounds very intriguing since I love lore & story. I'd really like to work on knowledge. Every conversation I tried in both Betas was not enough knowledge for conversation... so want to not have that happen again. So, given that info, knowing that I'd really like to get some farm or something like that going ASAP, (at least as fast as my 10'ish hr per week will allow), how would you recommend that I start? Thanks for any insight and advice you can give. Take care, Rokal Proud member of... Nutti' Yet But Looking NoOb Extraordinaire
  13. Thank you both very much for the new replies. "Fight for your spot." ... I'm 100% ok with this to be honest. I don't hate PvP in and of itself, it's griefer/gankers I hate and games whose mechanisms allow that, with no way out. Sounds to me though like there is a way out; get PK'd, move to another instance/server. Works for me. I played a mobile MMO, Order & Chaos, that forced PvP on you in certain zones and you HAD to go to those zones to level... no way out or around it. I spent 3 days getting farmed by the same Dbag and ended up quitting that game. I, like many players I suspect, tend to play at the same times during the week, so I was in this zone the same time each day. Each day he specifically, cause he said so, hunted me down just because he could. He was max level, I was Lv 22, (out of 50). THIS is the type of player/play style I detest. Sounds like this isn't rampant in BDO, (the point Makeemrage makes regarding saving Karma for those who really deserve the PK makes a ton of sense), and that at least I have the out of changing instances/servers. So, I'll just play and do my thing, and hopefully getting PK'd won't be the norm. If it happens here and there, I don't mind that... it's getting farmed just to be a Dbag that I hate. Very much looking forward to this game. Thanks again. Take care, Rokal, NoOb Extraordinaire Proud Member of... Nuttin' Yet
  14. Hail and well met, all, sorry I stepped away from this for a couple of days. So, please allow me to clarify/answer some points that were brought up. I'm certainly confused as to who is correct regarding reaching Lv 50+. Those who agree with the video I watched stating you have to do a specific quest or you'll stay Lv 49.999 forever, and those who say that's not possible as even Life Skilling will grant you experience that will cause you to hit 50+. My guess is that the stuck at 49.99 is correct and that Life Skilling, or anything that grants XP will simply cause those .999 to keep extending out... so... Lv 49.999999999999999... As for why I'd buy the game if I were just going to stick to the sub 50 game to avoid getting PK'd ad naseum... I liken it to any single player game really. I'll pay X amount of money to buy the game, play it for days/weeks/months, enjoy my time in it, and move on, having considered the small amount of money spent to get the game as well worth it for the entertainment I'd gotten. I probably own, between Xbox1/PS4/PC well over 200 games... I don't think I've ever actually finished one, LOL. I've played almost every MMO that's come out since Ultima Online, and the only game I ever reached Lv cap was DAoC and that took me years, no lie... YEARS. I only reached cap cause they haven't raised it. I was actually at cap in EQ2; Lv 70, for a whopping TWO days before an expansion came out and raised the cap Anyway, based on what I'm reading, maybe the concern over constant PK'ing isn't relevant to BDO; which would be nice if true. By the time I reach Lv 49, the game will have been out long enough on Xbox for their to be plenty of "data" on the PK state of the game. If it's much as described by those in this post on the PC... I won't be too concerned and I'll level and take my chances. However, PC, Xbox, and PS communities are different and it's entirely possible that the Xbox community could be more toxic and be rampant PK'ers. <shrugs> We'll see. As I said before, either way, I'll enjoy my time in the game until I'm not... then move on. Hopefully I'll make some friends, have some good conversations, some funny "It's only blue con to me, how tough could it be?" moments, etc. Thanks for all the insight. Looking forward to meeting folks in the game. Take care, Rokal, nOoB Extraordinaire Proud Member of... Nuttin' Yet...
  15. Beta will NOT be saved. The guy meant to type "NO" not "NOW." They've said repeatedly that Beta progress will NOT be saved. No, I'm not going through the effort to find any links to official comments... believe me or not, and if not, folks can do their own searches.
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