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  1. lancia12

    Dim Armor/Castillion Upgrade Quest?

    I've read and heard in game that people have completed. So either they have found a way around it or they were mistaken, hence the question.
  2. Does this quest exist in the game? Can someone who has actually done it verify? According to bd database here is the chain:https://bddatabase.net/us/quest/678/7/ I now have a 56 that has done every single quest and a 52 that has done almost all of Mediah. Both completed the quest for the Dim Armor but neither has the follow on quest. I originally thought the Until we meet again bug was the problem but I have chosen not to trust and have completed on my 52. Still no quest in sight. What am I missing? You have to do the above before you can upgrade your Castillion weapon: https://bddatabase.net/us/quest/699/15/. Has anyone done this yet? There is a huge power gap without these two quests.
  3. lancia12

    Quests Bugged

    It says right on the gear that it is upgraded via finishing Mediah quest line. I'm almost 57 and already have better gear than the upgrades. It WOULD have been handy a week or so ago but now I'm working on alts and it is definitely good for them since it is bound to family. Just skipping this part of the game seems like a big mistake and I'm sure it isn't what is intended.
  4. lancia12

    Quests Bugged

    While the quest rewards for until we meet again are not a big deal, the REAL problem is that I have no quests to upgrade my gear. The solution to this problem can't be level a new character to do Mediah quests and choose the other option.
  5. lancia12

    Xbox One low resources

    I have 2 XB1s: 1 XB1S and 1 XB1X (with a 1TB SSD). I get this message on the S but not on the X. BOTH crash for the exact same reason. The more traveling I do the higher the chance. I afk on the S all night, every night with no crashes. It's only when I am playing through many different areas that it crashes and it WILL crash always. There is definitely a memory leak somewhere. I also do not "shut down" my XB. Those of you that use the energy save feature will be less likely to run into this.
  6. lancia12

    Storage maid

    I seem to recall being able to use it more than 1 item on the PC and also accessible in my residence...or at least she was standing around.
  7. lancia12

    Quests Bugged

    Server: Any Region: NA Until yesterday I had the "Until we meet again" in my quest log but could not complete it due to the bug. I've been struggling to figure out how to upgrade my dagger, armor, and staff. I've completed every quest the spirit gives me. The quest is visible in my quest list on screen but not visible in the quest UI. I saw the updated text that said old Mediah quests were removed. So I still cannot complete this quest and it is no longer visible. On top of that, something with my quest series is mixed up because I cannot upgrade my armor, dagger, or staff.
  8. lancia12

    Dim magical armor quest ?

    here is what my quest pane looks like. I am totally lost on these.
  9. Ok...I'm really lost. This is what my quest log looks like. I have every single quest the spirit gives me completed. I've been back and forth to Calpheon/Altinova with my Castillion staff, Dim Armor, Dagger. I've talked to merv and anyone else loosely related to these quests. I actually talk to everyone that I can...always. The "Until We Meet Again" quest WAS in my list but bugged until today. Now it no longer shows at all and I saw this in the notes: "Removed old Mediah quests which were no longer active from the possible quest list." So is this bugged? Did I miss a step and I haven't unlocked it yet? I have an alt that is 50 and not getting these quests either...although it is much further behind in the story.
  10. lancia12

    World Boss = 1 hunter seal?

    15-20 minutes getting people together...getting there then 15-20 minutes for fight.
  11. lancia12

    World Boss = 1 hunter seal?

    it's not a huge deal but it is about 45 minutes of time investment and I feel like the single hunter mark was a participation trophy. I'm 56 was healing and dishing decent damage in a full group. Just seems off is all.
  12. I know the logic around loot is not known and RNG plays a lot into it but really...1 hunter seal? Is this normal?
  13. lancia12

    Dim magical armor quest ?

    Either way, the quest step I was stuck is is now gone from the MAIN tab but is listed in my quest list. I only have Dim armor with no quest to upgrade along with the other items that I cannot upgrade either. I've finished every Mediah quests and have no idea what to do at this point.
  14. lancia12

    Dim magical armor quest ?

    I should correct this a little. In my quest list under the mini map I have a "main quest" that says "Unaccepted: Until we meet again: to get started, check Quest me..." I've checked with the black spirit and nothing. I checked my main tab and nothing. So I'm not really sure what needs to happen at this point
  15. lancia12

    Dim magical armor quest ?

    I was stuck on the "Until we meet again" quest because of the bug and I had a quest item in my "Main" tab before the patch. Now it is totally gone. I think that is step 25/26. Really confused as to what I should be doing now. I have Dim armor with no quests to upgrade it. I have Dagger of Sealed Magical Power with no way to upgrade it. I have the Delphad Castillions carnage staff with no way to upgrade it. All of these I thought had quests to upgrade and if so, they are not in my lists.