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  1. Well I bought the ultimate ed...I guess I will have to wait and see how this works. When it's a game that I want and am willing to pay for it's not that big of a deal. The REAL problem is when it is a game that my son wants that is bought through my account exclusively for him. Often my account gets all the goodies and he just gets the base game....but not ALWAYS. I love family sharing and like I mentioned it is a major reason we switched platforms but it doesn't always work the same and it is really cumbersome to continually search, post, and research how XYZ game will deal with family sharing.
  2. Do you think the single ultimate pack purchase would give us both 72 hour head start? These are the types of issues that are never really answered or tested and where I run into problems in other games with similar cash shops/packs.
  3. I have 2 XB1s; mine(gold account) and my son's (home xb1). Family sharing is one of the main reason we switched from PC to XB1. Even though it is a basic piece of the platform, many developers 1) don't adequately test it and there are strange problems because of it or 2) intentionally try to skirt it like ESO. Most games with a cash shop circumvent the Family sharing because they force you to buy unlocks in the cash shop. But what they often forget is that MAYBE I want to buy a pack for my son's account and I am unable to because the game "thinks" it is already purchased. I want to buy the ultimate pack and realize that none of the consumables will transfer to my son. Here are my questions: Will he have access to the base game? Will he have access to anything else in the packs If I want to buy 2 ultimate packs will I be able to?
  4. lancia12

    BDO and BDX accounts should be the same?

    I realize that but sometimes in games they give you bonuses or benefits if the two are the same...Tera is a good example. Didn't know if anything has been said here about it.
  5. I have a BDO account and login and a different BDX account and login. Any reason for these to be the same? Any drawbacks in not being the same? I played the BDX beta so whatever goodies they give in game should be attached to my XB gamertag regardless of my BDX account name correct?
  6. lancia12

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    You can't be logged into 2 different xboxs with the same gamer tag at the same time. So even with 2 xbox it won't work. I am also not aware of a game being able to run in the background while you play another. The consoles aren't really designed to multitask. The only thing I can think of that does this is when something is queued. You can still play a game while another is downloading and installing. I'm also able to do simple things like launch IE while games are running. This was something I was thinking about while playing beta. I think the best we are going to get right now is to setup your AFK skilling and return to the home screen. I believe that reduces the CPU but don't know for sure. You could also use the stream to PC function of the xbox app and just change inputs on your TV to do something else.
  7. lancia12

    Beta Wipe?

    Someone today said they weren't wiping the beta. I've never seen this before and couldn't get any confirmation. Can anyone confirm or deny or point me to an official post?
  8. lancia12

    Dpad Right unassignable

    Ah...the RT changes the RING MENU that you want to edit. That is what I was missing. I thought there was only a single ring menu you could edit. Thanks!
  9. lancia12

    Beta ending Monday 12th?

    A single no would have sufficed. Instead of apologizing how about just acting like a normal human and treat people the same on forums as you would in real life.
  10. lancia12


    ....or....they could have done some better marketing. I got wind of this through a game info website that I subscribe to. I've never seen a separate website for xbox. I've always just looked at the PC website which has no mention of it. I was thinking the EXACT same thing as the OP.
  11. lancia12

    Redish, bluish keys

    I've encountered 5 or 6. Every one gave me the exact same message.
  12. lancia12

    Pre order packages

    wait what? Beta progress will or will NOT be saved. Every beta I have ever been in has wiped MINUS the new fallout 76 beta. To my knowledge this is the only beta where progress will be saved once the game goes live this week. Can someone post an official link?
  13. lancia12

    Beta ending Monday 12th?

    Have they given an approx release date? Seemed pretty solid during beta. It chugs on my PC and I was pleasantly surprised how well this runs on XB1X.
  14. lancia12

    Dpad Right unassignable

    the right dpad by default has a heal potion assigned to it. I had a quest that asked me to convert the intro heal pots into the next better pot. I did that and no longer had the initial healing pots. When I hit the right dpad, there was nothing assigned and I could find no way to assign anything to the default dpad keys. Down is black spirit, left is radial menu, right WAS healing, etc. How do you do this?
  15. lancia12

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    I also detest PVP for many of the same reasons. I've played this game on the PC and you def want to get to 56+. The entire game changes at awakened...not to mention that the skills and devastation are WAY cooler. I would add that I had a 58 on the PC and maybe once or twice had a problem with PVP. Mainly over a popular grinding spot. What I found is that most people just want to do their thing. Maybe this will be different on the XB1...maybe not. But I wouldn't let it stop you. Getting to 56 anyway takes quite a bit of grinding as the leveling REALLY slows down after 50. Get in a guild and use safety in numbers when grinding. But I agree, every game I've played since UO people grief. They use the system and it seems their entire purpose is just to annoy you. It's too bad that these few people ruin it for everyone.