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  1. Tried using escape and it puts me back in the banquet hall. How do I get out of here?
  2. never once have I done anything above tri. It's FAR too frustrating. I tri my gear, sell it, and buy whatever I need. I've succeed all the time building stacks with like 2% chance and failed all the time upgrading with like a 40-50% chance...multiple times in a row. It is literally one of the most frustrating mechanics in a game I can remember so I don't bother at all.
  3. not 100% sure it would work with this UI/game to begin with but also not sure why you would want to either. Even on PC, many people spend hours trying to setup a controller for BDO because the combos are so much easier. I think for shooter type games it makes sense but I think the controller is just a better fit all around for this game. I can't imagine this would be against the TOS unless it gives you macros or something similar the gives you an edge. just having a keyboard/mouse I would imagine would give you more of a disadvantage than advantage on other players.
  4. @CM Trent I am unable to fill out the Heidel Ball survey. I get an access error. I got the invite email and my in game email but when I try to click the link in the email, here is the error I get: You need permission This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake
  5. Are you certain of this because you own both and have tried both? I tend to believe you are right because I see no account backend that allows linking of multiple front end platforms but it would be nice to see some formal confirmation. I'm part of the Heidel Ball Dev thing on the 30th and I think this will be one of my questions.
  6. Im considering the PS5 over the XBSX mainly for 2 reasons; remote play which is something I will exclusively do on this game and exclusive titles.
  7. @CM Trent Now that we have cross play, what happens if I decide to switch my main console from xbox to playstation? Will I have to buy the game on playstation? If so, will it allow me to use the account that was built up on the xbox?
  8. What are the requirements to get the quests for the trade buff? I know you need art 2 trade (which I have) but have also read you need to be 55?? Is that true? How does one keep a 49 lifeskiller if the lifeskill quests have a level requirement? I have plenty of level 60s but only focus my lifeskills on a single 49 toon. Can I get one of my 60s to art 2 trading and complete the quest line to open it up on my account and use it on my main lifeskiller toon or will it only be usable on the toon that completes the quest line?
  9. I see they updated the post. Thanks for the reply!
  10. I read the update about the outfit and how they will email one if you pre-ordered. After the server merge, anything that checks accounts is messed up for me and I have to send support tickets to get these types of things fixed and it is a LONG drawn out process taking months. Has the email been sent out yet to those of us that pre-ordered? The post doesn't say anything about timeframe.
  11. I've submitted 3 tickets on the matter so far. They keep telling me after maintenance. The original post: https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=3501&category=0 says within 3 days of March 18 maintenance. We are well past that and I was just wondering if anyone has received their refunds yet? *link updated. Same link...not sure why it wasn't working.
  12. Ahh...I guess I was comparing to the pc and I didn't remember unlocking them one at a time. I will look to finish out my first one to unlock others. Thanks!
  13. I watched a video recently where someone on xbox had multiple adventure books. I only have 1. I only thought there was 1 available right now on the xbox. How do you unlock the other books?
  14. I take that back. Either I didn't notice the brand or someone changed it. Either way I have it back.
  15. @CM_Valtarra I did...but the ticketing system is not great. There is no way to edit or add info to it and once someone responds, it is closed...unless I am missing something. The +10 rod showed back up in my inventory today but it is no longer branded. I have no idea if someone did something or not. My ticket still says "registering" on the support side. Thank you for following up though!
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