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  1. There are 2 types of people that play these games. "ILLSTABZYOURFACE" and "Bill Smith". ILLSTABZ doesn't really care about the name. It could be STABZZZ or STABXXXX or xXSTABZXx or whatever. If it sounds funny anything will work. Bill Smith on the other hand grabbed a common name that others will most likely have tried to get but he was first. Billz Smithz won't do. That guy has played as Bill Smith for a year. He is Bill Smith in BDX...NOT Billz Smithy. I hear what you all are saying about all the other issues but honestly none of those matter to me if I don't want to play the game. I'm Bill Smith. My characters always have names that are popular fantasy names and I always pay for early access to create those names and make them mine.
  2. Your one year gift is that you have a chance to lose your name!
  3. I've got well over 5000 hours on the console and hundreds of $$ over the last year spent on this game. I've been through countless server merges, name changes, etc. in other games and one thing I can tell you is that when I am forced to get a name like TEMPNAME07386 and then I cannot reclaim MY name, my interest in the game fades quickly. I've spent countless hours as this persona in BDX. It is personal to me. I too paid for early access to secure my name. I've never understood why games have a single unique name to begin with as a unique identifier. Make it something like blizzard or perfect world where they append a handle behind he scenes to your name. From a tech standpoint it seems so year 2000. If I lose my name I'm going to be so pissed off. I rather not have cross play than lose my name.
  4. I wrote this for someone here almost a year ago. I now have 14 lvl 60 toons. I have been playing this game almost 24/7 since release and on the PC before that. I'm a fan. Gear progression can go 1 of 2 ways. Use the in game quests to get your gear or if you are rich just buy it and/or upgrade it. I love alts so I prefer the quest system as paying for all my upgrades for all my toons would be to much. Here is the questing gear you should be looking for...almost all from the black spirit quest line. These are black spirit quests: Basteer Weapon/Sub-Weapon Ultimate Basteer weapon (upgrade this to +7 and equip - talk to black spirit for an exchange quest for a +7 bares) Castillion Main weapon Dim Sub weapon < very end of the lvl 50 black spirit quests Dim Armor < very end of the lvl 50 black spirit quests Ultimate Castillion main weapon Dim sub weapon upgrade x 4 up to roaring dim sub weapon (2 times pre-mediah and 2 times in the first couple of BS quests in mediah) Dim armor upgrade (just do all BS quests through Mediah and you will get it upgraded) Pre-mediah mob drops: Treant rings/necklace/earrings/belt Mediah Quests Mediah Merchants Union Helm Derek's Light Leather Shoes Beia's Black Magic Gloves (quest but also appears to have a very low drop rate in the iron mine) Black Abyssal Weapons (I think you need to be level 55 for this. Total pain to solo without enough ap/dp but can be done in a group). This is the equivalent of a PRI to DUO weapon Mediah mob drops: Asula rings/necklace/earrings/belt (Just grind Helms) This should get you on your way. Once you have done this, you can share all this gear with your alts. Once you get a few alts, the money will start to flow. At this point, I am usually in the top 10 ranking of wealth on my servers and just buy stuff but this is exactly how I started.
  5. Is there a way to change the default character portraits at the change character/disconnect screen like you can in the PC version?
  6. I love this game and probably have more hours into Xbox than just about anyone as I have had it running 24/7 since launch. I have 5 lvl 60s and a number of 56-59s. I played for about a year on the PC and since launch on the Xbox. I have about as much knowledge of the details of the game as anyone. Although I run the game 24/7 my family and work come first. That said, I am almost never available for node wars as it falls right at dinner so PVE is my thing. All my 60s have TRI or higher gear most with boss weapons. I have mastery level lifeskills and a massive artisan worker army. Games are a way to avoid the drama of daily life so I do whatever possible to avoid drama in game. I'm well over 21+. if I sound like a fit, please message me here or my GT: qqnubgaming
  7. I’m actually working on a non grinders guide to 60. I’ve now leveled 3 toons to 60 without grinding. There is always some grinding but for the most part it’s all quests. I’m documenting each area and the amount of xp per level for my latest toon. I’m 20% into 59 so once I hit 60 I will release it.
  8. Submitted a bug report a on the 29th. They responded saying they will investigate. I'm still unable to login. I've unlinked and re-linked my accounts through the game. I've validated I'm using the same user name and pass because I use apple keychain. I've manually retyped it as well. Nothing really works.
  9. Ever since the Kama update characters seem to "slide" WAY more than they did before even on the world map. Usually the pointer would snap to locations. Now it slides right past them. It's difficult to actually click on nodes now. Try stopping to talk with an NPC...especially while on a horse. OMG...SO FRUSTRATING. There are times I have to stop 3 or 4 horse lengths before the npc to stop properly. The movement has always been a tad annoying but whatever they did with the recent changes makes navigating the entire game super annoying. I'll try to capture some video if I can.
  10. Yup...I did. I like to ask here first to make sure it's not everyone.
  11. I've been trying every day since it was released. I get the failed to login. I use an iPhone X.
  12. the fix seems to be to not load all the npcs? I sat at the CM and the storage guy waiting about 40 seconds for them to load. I have it installed on an SSD on an XB1X. It appears that they have changed the movement a little and I wonder if this has something to do with the lag.
  13. Background I absolutely HATE grinding for the sake of grinding. Spending hours killing the same stuff over and over for .003% XP is not my idea of fun. I have no problems with questing my way through things or even quests that say kill 250 XYZ. At least there feels like a point to it. Normally I just do all of the spirit quests only. That easily takes you to around 54-55. I do some side quests and some dailies to push to 56 and do awakening. But traditionally I would be stuck because I would need to grind levels after that which I hate. I have over 3000 hours into the game on xbox and my highest was 58. So with the update that gives XP for side quests I decided to do something different and level the archer to 60. I did exactly what I normally do which is BS quests usually through the first part of Valencia (for all the valks). That got me to 56ish. I then started doing ALL the side quests in all the cities and quest hubs. With relatively little grinding I was able to hit 60 right about the end of the Kama quest line + doing all the side quests for everything. My Tests The goal is to get to 60 with the least amount of grinding. This got me thinking as to what the most efficient way to level is. I created a new toon last night. With 2 hours of grinding my way through different mobs I was 52. While this IS technically grinding, 1-50 is hands down the fastest way to level. It also doesn't feel pointless as you can see whole percentage increases killing off mobs. I hadn't done a single quest at this point. At 52 the XP starts slowing down a bit so I decided to go back to the beginning and start my BS quests. Here is dilemma. Do I do every single BS quest + side quests as I move through all areas or do I just do the BS quests through where I normally do and then go back and do all the side quests? I think at 59, there is no faster way to level than to do 35 side quests in a city that give you .1% XP each. Some of these are 3 or 4 in a row just by clicking complete if you already have the knowledge. I think I'm going to try both ways. My goal is to just get to 60 without having to grind for hours. What do you all think? What is your experience? Do you have a better way?
  14. Can anyone login to the app? I get a failed login error every time. I'm using the same login/pass that I use on this site.
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