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  1. Early this morning I received an e-mail from Xbox Live services concerning my actions from last night, I received 2 Enforcement action taken letters because of an image I uploaded to the OneDrive service, when I looked into it i found out they removed the 2 images from OneDrive, and it turns out it was this image and another from viewing the character from up above (for a dramatic and face closeup view) I was in no way seeking for any vulgar pursuits, I simply only wanted to have a screenshot to share towards the community event goal of 500+ screenshots for the Xbox One open beta of Black Desert. This has me concerned because of the other sorts of outfits in the game that will be present in the full release of the game, and could pose a threat to fellow players of the community, I do not blame Black Desert in any way, it may just be a mess-up in the automated OneDrive's automated bots that scroll through and approve the images present, but seeing how it happened here. It's needed to be shared.
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